CAN YOU COMMENT AND LIKE WHAT YOU THINK :mickey was just an ordianry girl she is bullied and her life seems glum until a bright light called daniel emerges and makes colours fly that is until emotions get in the way and everything gets confusing and screwed up .Then she sees things that arent there and so she is debating within herself whether she is going crazy or not.


7. nothing much


after picking lizzy up and waling home i helped her with her homework ,i cooked us up some spaghetti bol for dinner as no one was home. The house was dark and cold . lizzy and i cuddled under a blanket together as she watched tv and i dug into my homework.My pen scribbled but my mind wasnt really with it, all i could think about was daniel, i played our whole hour together in science over and over imagining why he chose me to be his partner . I saw him looking at me out of the corner of my eye and our eyes locked sometimes but i quickly cut it off . I couldnt fall in love as much as i wanted to have someone to love me and always be there for me i couldnt   1 . no one would fall in love with me i knew that and  2 i couldnt let anyone  in just to hurt them i wouldnt let them feel what i felt when dad died, i just couldnt do that.

Mum and Blane came stumbling in laughing like silly kids. Mums face slumped when she saw us, she looked almost pissed off that we were still alive, she turned to blane "ill be up stairs in a minute" she said as he walked up the stairs. she then turned to us " hi mummy" lizzy said happily she still had hope that mum would recover . Me ..... i gave up hope soon after i saw her injecting drugs into her veins ."hi honey" she slurred she and lizzy sat down for a while having an almost normal conversation, aside from mum slurring her words and not really listening. she was almost falling asleep when Blane yelled from upstairs  she fumbled off up the stairs leaving a waft of alcohol and smoke stench behind her ,atleast she had the good sense to do it all away from lizzy .for that i thanked her

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