CAN YOU COMMENT AND LIKE WHAT YOU THINK :mickey was just an ordianry girl she is bullied and her life seems glum until a bright light called daniel emerges and makes colours fly that is until emotions get in the way and everything gets confusing and screwed up .Then she sees things that arent there and so she is debating within herself whether she is going crazy or not.


3. mickey francs

I scrambled off the floor and slammed my bedroom door behind me. lizzy was still sitting on my bed she gasped when i came in the room "mickey your face" she whispered "oh its ok" i assured her "now lets get you ready for school " after i helped her into some clothes i put some make up on her eyebrow to cover the slit there was nothing i could do about the lump . i then went and threw my own school uniform on, a white blouse,grey cardighan and a black and grey plaid skirt that fell to my mid shins i looked at myself through a cracked mirror. I let my brown, long straight hair fall freely so i could hide behind it. Some ugly blue eyes brimmed with a little mascara and eyeliner peeked out i was nothing special infact quite the opisite, i was rather ugly  my cheeks were blotted with red. I was also fat ,well not quite fat but i also wasnt skinny like the anerexic bitches at my school. I guess you could call me chubby or thick. i had big boobs.a big bum and big solid legs  my waist was wide but flat, I was even more of a freak because of my height  i was 6 ft tall and only just fat under door frames. Well nothing impresive, i sighed but hey its me Mickey Francs .

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