CAN YOU COMMENT AND LIKE WHAT YOU THINK :mickey was just an ordianry girl she is bullied and her life seems glum until a bright light called daniel emerges and makes colours fly that is until emotions get in the way and everything gets confusing and screwed up .Then she sees things that arent there and so she is debating within herself whether she is going crazy or not.


1. "its ok "

"Mickey ,Mickey !" a little voice shrieked "hmph"i groaned waking up from a lazy sleep. I rubbed my eyes tiredly and opened them to see my little sister lizzys tear streaked face looking up at me, I scooped her little body up in my ams so she was lying on my lap in my arms, on my bed "whats wrong? " i asked her face was red like a tomato and a  lump  rose on her eyebrow with a slight wisp of red sliding from a small slit. I touched my finger to the lump and she flinched "lizzy i told you not to walk into doors " i joked. She just shook her head staring at me with tears in her eyes "lizzy its ok " i sang combing my fingers through her hair, as her breathing started to slow down i looked her straight in the face, the lump was huge now swollen to the size of a plumb "now,tell me what happened ?" i asked . She took a deep breath before starting "mummy was feeling sick ,so i went to make her a coffe then blane came in, he had a bottle in his hand .He said hi and i didnt hear him so he got angry thinking i ignored him, and ..."  she trailed off   "did he hit you ?" i whispered she nodded her head slightly. WHAT !! how can my mothers drunken boyfriend have the balls to hit a 6 year old girl, well once im done with him he wont have any hands to hit anyone with.  You see ever since my dad died in afghanistan 10 months ago, fighting in the military my mum fell apart turning to drugs alcohol and a long string of asshole boyfriends to numb the pain, the latest one i hate him.

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