Hungry & Wild

All Samatha Wanted Was To Get Mc Nuggets instead she got a Hot Irish Man and of course her mc nungets. Read and see how Samatha meet her prince Charming Niall Horan


5. Chapter 5

During dinner we talked about everything music, work, friends, & family. After Dinner it turned out we were staying at a beach house he rented for the whole weekend. Honestly I was really surprised Niall was one horny Irish man.

Once we got to the beach house he picked me up bridal style and starred sucking on my neck making me extremely horny.

Then he stopped, & he whispered in my ear' "let's go to the beach" and then laughed.

"You fucking tease!"

I put on a super sexy bikini. Knowing I looked hot a winked at Niall. Then I went up to him kissed him and then starred running he began to chase me down the beach, and the both of us were laughing the entire time. I kept running until strong hands reached for my waist, and began twirling me around. I was giggling like crazy, and he just pushed me onto his body. He began to start trying to make out with me, but I pulled away

"Nuh-uh, not yet!" He looked at me and just smiled, we both realized that we ended up at a cavern.

It was pretty much hidden from the rest of the beach, as it was behind a big cascading mound of leaves. They camouflaged the entire entrance, and when we both stepped inside, it was magical. There was a big, blue pool of water in the middle that led out to the ocean. There were fireflies inside, which made it look really pretty. I looked at Niall, and jumped straight into the pool. He was still standing there when you got out of the water. I decided I knew what to do. When I got up, I got up slowly, pushing my hair out of my face like one of those sexy scenes in the movies. I got up onto the side of the pool of water, and there was sand. I began to roll around in it slowly, causing it to stick onto my body. I laid on my back, and propped up my chest with my arms.

"Ohhhhh..." I moaned slowly.

Niall began to look at me intently, and his lip started to quiver a bit. I knew what was happening. He undid the knot on the bikini top and began to undo the one at the back of my neck. He was much faster at undoing this one, and just stopped for a second to take in my facial expression. When I nodded at him to proceed, he smiled and slowly pulled the top off. He stared for a second, and then slowly leaned in. He began to stroke my breasts carefully, making sure not to hurt me or bruise me. I moved my lips to the base of his neck and kissed it slowly. I flipped him over before he could do anything else, and began to laugh. He was laughing along with me.

"You look beautiful like always..." is all he said.

He looked at me very innocently, and smiled.

"Are...are you ready?" He stammered out of his perfect lips.

I looked at him straight in the eye, and nodded. He pulled me close to him while we both were still in the water and began to slowly rock my hips to his. I put my arms around his neck and began to kiss him again. He was holding my waist, and thrusting in and out. Soft moans filled the entire cavern, and it was rather romantic.

"I will love you forever and always Nialler."

He smiled in between the kiss and began to thrust in faster and faster...

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