Hungry & Wild

All Samatha Wanted Was To Get Mc Nuggets instead she got a Hot Irish Man and of course her mc nungets. Read and see how Samatha meet her prince Charming Niall Horan


38. chapter 37


So it's been 3 months that me and Niall have been engaged! AHHH! I'm so exited me and Niall decided that it would be easier for us to just wait a year or so just so we can tell everybody about the engagement.

"So what do you think?" Niall said with huge smile on his face. He's been trying to build a little play house outside for Bella so she can actually play house, in a real house? Oh my god this kid is so spoiled.

"Niall is this really necessary? I mean she can use her imagination, you know?"

"Yah, yah, yah." He said annoyed by comment. "But you are always complaining about the mess she leaves after she plays and she can just play out here."

"Yeah I know Niall but it'll just be easier to have her in the house and play there instead of her being out here where I won't be able to keep an eye on her, like when cooking or cleaning Niall."

"Samantha, I only asked if you liked it. I didn't ask you if it was okay with you. Ok? I'm building it for Bella so she can play now that you stared working again she doesn't see us as often I just want to make it up to her"

It's true... Now that I stared working again. We don't have time to be putting as much attention to her as she deserves. Eleanor's younger sister, Lynette takes care of from 7 AM till 4 PM. Which is when I'm at work. It's not until 6 PM she sees Niall. Bella descent really mind Niall working late cause she's so used to it. When I stared working Bella was throwing fits every time I went to work. It literally broke my heart.

"Fine. But where gonna have to make rules about it. Bella can't be out there by herself." I said a little hurt by what Niall told me.

It was really rude of him to talk to me like that but I understand where he's coming from when I stared working I was taking Bella every Friday for ice cream just to make sure she didn't feel I didn't care about her.

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