Hungry & Wild

All Samatha Wanted Was To Get Mc Nuggets instead she got a Hot Irish Man and of course her mc nungets. Read and see how Samatha meet her prince Charming Niall Horan


36. Chapter 36

I sat on Bella's bed with Bella. I hadn't changed out of my dress yet but Bella was in her little princess pajamas. I took her pink hair brush and brushed her hair gently as she sat up with her back to me.   

"you look pretty mommy." bella said looking into the mirror across from the bed. 

"thank you love." I kissed her head then continued to brush through her curls. 

"where did you and daddy go?" 

"daddy took me to dinner." 

"where? Was it good?" she asked with a huge smile. 

"he took me to the lake and put candles all over a bridge and we had a picnic." I said then bent my lips to her ear, 

"it was like I was a princess." 

"but I'm supposed to be daddy's princess!" she complained. I was about to speak but Niall stood in the door frame and knocked quietly. 

"can I come in?" he asked. 

"Ya, can you put this on the dresser?" I asked holding out the hair brush. He put it down and came over to sit by me on the bed. Bella crawled on to nialls lap and he wrapped his arms around her small figure.   

"daddy, am I still your princess?" Niall fake gasped making Bella giggle, 

"of course you are Bella! Why would you think your not?" 

"mommy said she was a princess tonight." nialls eyes met mine and I practically drowned in them. 

"you both are my princesses." he said still looking at me, I blushed like slightly and he looked back down at Bella. 

"but bella we need to tell you something...." 

"what daddy?"

"Sammie and I." 

"mommy and I." she corrected him and I smiled. 

"sorry, mommy and I are getting married." he took my hand in his as he spoke. Bella shot up from nialls lap and jumped up and down on the bed. "YAYYYY!"  

Arthor's Note: Sorry I coulden't added on tuesday... i was sooo busy with Homework and Volleyball... so i'm going to start trying to add on Wensdays now because that's the only day i DON'T have practice... so you all on Wensday

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