Hungry & Wild

All Samatha Wanted Was To Get Mc Nuggets instead she got a Hot Irish Man and of course her mc nungets. Read and see how Samatha meet her prince Charming Niall Horan


29. Chapter 29


Crap.crap.crap.crap.crap.crap. I didnt mean what I said. I take it back it take it all back. I was just really upset and thought the best thing to do to protect Samantha was to let her go. She was too young to be a parent, we both are. I just thought that she should be free from this life style, but I didn't imagine it hurting THIS bad to have her gone. Bella wouldnt stop crying all day, I hadn't even thought about her feelings. I'm such a terrible person, but at least Samantha is safe from the constant questioning. Bella was sound asleep on the bed beside me, but I wasn't able to get myself to sleep. All I could think about was Samantha and how much I need her back.   

FOUR DAYS LATER:  Sam won't return my calls, but I leave voicemails every morning, which would be her time night because of the time difference...and I say goodnight to her. I know I've messed up and it will be hard to get her back. I called before I went to bed to see if I could catch her in the morning. No answer. This was getting to be ridiculous, I called again. She hit FaceTime and answered the call. I smiled as I saw her perfect face on my screen.

"Niall you have to stop calling." she said darkly but out of breath.   

SAMATHA'S POV:  I was in the middle of doing yoga in the living room when Niall called. I hated ignoring him, but I was just so damn mad. After contemplating whether or not I should answer the phone or not, the phone did the deciding and it ended sending him to voicemail. I continued my yoga and the phone went off again. I clicked face time and propped it up so he would be able to see me, but so I could continue my yoga. I wanted to look like I was actually doing something in life. As soon as I saw his face I got butterflies in my stomach, I missed him like crazy. I couldn't do this anymore, being away from him, but if that's how it has to be then I don't want him calling.   

"Niall you have to stop calling." I said coming out of a pose and staring right in the camera to show I meant it. 

"but Samatha I just really need to talk to you." 

"start talking." I continued my yoga acting like this was all nonchalant and easy for me to do, talking to him that is.   

He spilled his heart out to me, telling me how he wished he could take it all back. He was just trying to protect me. I saw a tear slip down his face, and he didnt bother to wipe it away. He was laying out all his emotions for me, to show he cared.   

"Niall i should have known..." 

"known what?" 

"that you were only trying to protect me. You always think of others over yourself. I can't believe I ever thought that you didn't love me as much as you said." 

"Samatha I love you so much. More than anything in the world." 

"I love you too nialler. But you need to know that I can protect myself sometimes too." 

"I know." he smiled, his watery blue eyes sparkling. 

"and I'll have you know. I'm a damn good mother." I said, now sitting on the sofa. He chuckled, 

"your beyond great!" 

"I miss you Niall." 

"miss you too." 

"how is bella?" 

"she's good, misses you like crazy though." 

"can I see her?" 

"she's with zayn right now. He took her for icecream." 

"awe well tell her hi." the door bell went off, 

"hey nialler I have to go! Bye!" I shouted. 

"b-" I cut him off hanging up and running to the door. I was expecting my friend mark to come over. 

"MARK FINA-" I opened the door yelling, only to realize it wasn't was Mia.

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