Hungry & Wild

All Samatha Wanted Was To Get Mc Nuggets instead she got a Hot Irish Man and of course her mc nungets. Read and see how Samatha meet her prince Charming Niall Horan


28. Chapter 28

I woke up cuddled in nialls arms. my head resting on his chest as he rubbed my back,   

"morning princess." he said as I looked up into his bright blue eyes. 

"good morning." he pecked my lips. 

"ready to go back to life of a parent?" 

"can't we just stay like this forever?" 

"i wish we could love." there was a knock at the door and I rolled out of bed.   

Last night I had put my bra and underwear back on before falling asleep. I put on one of my long sweaters and went to open the door as Niall dressed. It was just Harry so I didn't mind being dressed like this at the door.   

"hey haz." 

"hey! Here is the little one" he said giving me his signature dimple smile. 

"hi beautiful!!" I said picking up Bella into my arms. 

"hi mommy!" she kissed me quick. She looked over my shoulder and shouted, 

"DADDY!!!" and wiggled in my arms to be let lose. I placed her on the ground and watched her run into nialls arms. He really was a great dad, it was so cute. 

"thanks so much for watching her last night Harry." 

"no problem, she's so sweet." 

"want to come in?" 

"I was going to go out with zayn for breakfast. But maybe we could hang out later?" 

"of course!" Harry and I had been really close, actually i was pretty close with all of the boys. I have known them as long as Niall has. 

"alright, I'll text you."  


"Niall come on it will be fun! Bella won't understand what's happening and we can cover her eyes at the bad parts!" I said trying to convince Niall to come with me and the rest of the boys to a movie and bowling. 

"I don't think it's a good idea..." 

"Niall, you need to have a little fun!" 

"we had fun last night!" 

"please nialler, it's just a movie and bowling. We aren't going to club or something for crying out loud!" 

"I don't want people surrounding Bella like they did to you." I hugged him tight, 

"they won't hurt her, we will protect her." he pushed me off of him. 

"protecting her would be staying here." 

"ya but we can't keep her locked up here all day. Let's go have fun! A movie is harmless." 

"but the people out there aren't harmless." 

"your worrying too much." 

"maybe your just a bad mother." that hurt.   

A lot. Bella wasn't even my child, but I cared for her so much.   

"you saw the magazine Samantha. They hate us as a family. They called you all those things, thinking she was yours. Imagine how people will react when they find out she is Mia's. " 

"they don't have to know." I said sadly, still hurt from him calling me a bad mom. 

"they will find out. They find out everything. She looks nothing like you." 

"well they haven't picked up on that yet." 

"i think its best we aren't seen out in public as a family." 

"fine. If you don't need me here then I'll just go." and I didn't mean go out with the boys, I meant go home. I raced around packing my bags.

"mommy what are you doing??" Bella asked me as I tossed things in my suitcase. 

"just packing love. Go play with daddy." once everything was packed I went out front. 

"what are you doing?!" Niall shouted as I got to the door. 

"I said I was leaving. You don't need my help with Bella right? Even if you do, I'm not good at it." I said and left out the door. 

"Samantha love, wait... please!!!" he shouted as I quickly moved down the hotel hall. 

"mommy come back." I heard Bella cry out, but I couldn't turn much as it killed me to walk away.

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