Hungry & Wild

All Samatha Wanted Was To Get Mc Nuggets instead she got a Hot Irish Man and of course her mc nungets. Read and see how Samatha meet her prince Charming Niall Horan


25. Chapter 25


"wake up Bella!! It's time to go see all the princesses." and with that being said, she shot out of bed.   

It was really quiet funny how much she loved them all. Niall and I had already gotten ready for the day, knowing it wouldn't take Bella that long to get ready so she could sleep in. After she was ready to go we went to the Mickey and Minnie breakfast in our hotel. She met all the cartoon characters there, but didn't seem too interested.   

"daddy can we please go see the princesses now??" 

"of course! Let's go!" we walked around disneyland, keeping our eyes out.   

She didn't want to go on any rides till she at least next Bell. Once we had finally met them all and saw the parade with them all together she was ready for the rides.   

"hey Bella want to go on the peterpan ride?" I asked her as we passed by. It was a huge line, but there wasn't much more than a few rides that she could actually go on. 

"ok mommy!" we got in line, and not even ten minutes later she started complaining. 

"the line is tooooo longgggg. My feet hurt daddy." 

"want me to take you to get an icecream? Maybe when we come back mommy will be closer to the front."  "but that means I have to walk more." she said folding her arms across her chest. Niall bent down and picked her up, 

"there, problem solved." she smiled and nuzzled her head into nialls neck. 

"we will be back love." he said to me and kissed my lips lightly, moving Bella out of the way. 

"ewww" Bella said covering her eyes. 

I just laughed as they walked out of line. They came back and Bella had a princess shirt on and minnie mouse ears with the princess crown on. I swear, she is so spoiled.   

"look at you!" I said picking her up into my arms. 

"daddy bought them for me." she said with a huge smile. 

"did you thank daddy?" 


"well you look very pretty love." 

"thanks mommy!" we were getting weird looking from the adults around us, 

but I kept brushing it off. I loved having Bella as a child.  


Tonight Harry is going to be watching Bella for Niall and I so we can have a night to ourselves. Bella wasn't very fond of the idea, because she wanted to be with us....but time alone was needed. I miss just being able to go out and have fun with Niall.   

"what time do you want to leave?" I called out to Niall as he took his shower and I applied my makeup in the mirror. It was around six at night and Harry had already picked Bella up. 

"I don't know, seven sound ok?" 

"sure!" I went to my suitcase and dug through it trying to find something formal but sexy.   

I finally found my black dress at the bottom of the large overpacked suitcase and changed. Once I had lightly curled the bottom of my hair and had all my accessories on, it was time to go.   

"you look beautiful Sammie." 

"thanks, not too bad yourself." I gave him a wink and he intertwined our fingers as we left out the door. 

We got to a fancy restaurant and as soon as we stepped out of the car that Paul had driven us in, we were surrounded by paparazzi.   

"Is she your kid Samantha?" 

"what's the child's name?" 

"Niall, have you kept her a secret all these years?" 

"what's it like being teen parents? Aren't you ashamed?" 

"parents are turning their kids away from the band, seeing as your a bad influence, how do you feel about this?" the cameras were flashing like crazy and the questions kept coming. 

I was getting really scared and I Niall saw that. 

"get out of our faces!" Niall shouted but they didn't stop.   

He squeezed my hand tight and pushed his way through the crowd holding me close. We got inside and security took it from there, not letting them through the restaurant doors. Once we got seated at our small booth in the back, Niall moved over to sit beside me. He wrapped his arms around me,   

"I'm so sorry Samantha."  

"it's ok Niall, not your fault." 

"ya it is, I dragged you down into this mess...." 

"no, you didn't drag me down, I went with you."

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