Hungry & Wild

All Samatha Wanted Was To Get Mc Nuggets instead she got a Hot Irish Man and of course her mc nungets. Read and see how Samatha meet her prince Charming Niall Horan


23. Chapter 23


"hey mom, hey dad." I said staring at them on my computer screen. 

I was skyping them while Sammie played with Bella in the room next door. I was going to tell them about Bella, but I didn't want her in the view of the camera till I had finished explaining.   

"hi baby." my mom said kissing the camera. 

"how are you both?" 

"we are good. Had a family barbecue today, the cousins say hi." 

"tell them I miss them!" 

"we will, so how have you been?" my dad asked me. 

"I have been ok.." 

"just ok?" 

"ya you remember Mia from a few years back?" 

"ahh yes! Sweet little Mia! Did something happen to her??" 

"she's fine." I said through my teeth. 

"then what's wrong?" 

"well a few nights before I left for xfactor auditions, I kinda slept with Mia as a goodbye thing." 

"Niall please don't tell me what I think you are." 

"I have a daughter." my moms hands flew to her mouth with a gasp and my dad looked like he just saw a ghost. 

"why are we just now finding this out Niall?!" my father practically yelled. 

"because I just found out only a week ago." 

"whats her name?" my mom asked in a more calming matter. 

"Bella, and she's super cute. Let me go get her." my parents nodded and I went to take Bella from Samantha.   

I held her up on my side and I heard a 'awe' come from the laptop speakers. I sat Bella on my lap and we talked for what felt like forever, till Samantha came in.   

"alright Bella, time for your bath and bed." 

"I don't want a bathhh" 

"you can bring your mermaid Barbie doll!" with that news, Bella hoped off my lap running out the door shouting, 

"bye grandma and grandpa!!" 

"bye angel!" my mom shouted back. 

"hi Sammie Wammi!" my parents said as Samantha came into camera view. 

"hey! Love to stay and chat but I have a little girl to bath!" I said my good byes as well and helped get Bella to bed.  

Samantha's POV: 


I was really happy that all the boys took the news well. We made sure that Bella got to know them a lot over the past month so she would feel comfortable around them. She got on the most with Harry, they were so cute together. It was time for Niall and the rest of the boys to leave for tour and Bella was not taking it well.   

"Bella, sweetie, my plane is going to leave, I have to go baby." Niall said trying to pry Bella's hands off from around his neck. 

"nooo daddy you cccant llleave!" she cried out. 

"I will see you really soon cutie! I have to go for work." 

"when will you be back daddy?" 

"in a couple months...but you get to come visit me before that I promise." 

"pinky swear?" 

"pinky swear!" they linked their pinkies and Niall pecked her lips.   

She wiped away get tears and stepped back ready to part. It was my turn now to say good bye. He stood up from off the ground and wrapped his arms tight around me.   

"I'm going to miss you Samantha." he whispered in my ear. 

"I'm going to miss you too nialler." 

"call me every morning and night, okay?" 

"but we will be in different time zones" 

"i don't care if you wake me up or anything, as long as I get to hear your voice." I couldn't hold myself together anymore. I let the years fall slowly as I kissed him passionately.   

"I hate breaking up your moment, but we really have to go." I heard Zayn say. Niall pecked my lips one more time, then he was gone.

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