Hungry & Wild

All Samatha Wanted Was To Get Mc Nuggets instead she got a Hot Irish Man and of course her mc nungets. Read and see how Samatha meet her prince Charming Niall Horan


21. Chapter 21

There was a loud pounding on the door. It continued till I opened it,  

"Liam! What the hell do you want??" I said as he ran into the flat. 

I followed him into the kitchen where Samantha was and he slammed a magazine down on the counter top. My heart stopped for a second.   

"I WANT to know why the hell it says you and Sam have a child!" he shouted.   

I was scared to tell Liam about Bella the most out of all the boys, and now I know I was right to. I hadn't actually seen the magazine yet myself but I knew it had to of been pictures from the park.   

"it's fine Liam, I'll just say she is Sam's sister." 

"well who is she anyways??" 

"my-my" I looked over at Sam and she gave a small smile andl nod. "she's my daughter." 

"so this story is true??" 

"not all of it, it's not Sammie's baby." Liams hands balled up by his sides, 

"this isn't good Niall, the real mom isn't here is she?" 


"I'm not in the right mood to hear the story right now. Ill set up an interview before we leave for -" 

"shhh" I said through my teeth. 

"excuse me?" 

"nothing. Just set it up. I'll find a way to tell the rest of the boys." Liam nodded and took off out the front door, leaving the magazine behind.

I sighed of relief that he didn't say that we were going on tour in front of Sammie. She didn't seem to care that I had cut Liam off. She held me tight in her arms,   

"he's just upset Niall. He will calm down. He will still love you like a brother nialler." 

"Well if he loved me another way we would have a promblem. Woulden't we?" She laughedas I kissed the nook of her neck, 

"thank you for being here for me. I know you would much rather be off with your friends some place than helping me raise a child." I said against her neck. She moved our foreheads together, 

"don't say that. I don't want to be anywhere but here! I love you Niall, im not walking away from you." I smiled as my eyes getting teary.

"I love you so much."  


Samantha's POV:  


"mommy who was yelling?" Bella asked coming into the room. 

"no one sweetie, don't worry about it." she nodded her head, making her cute little curls bounce all over. 

"what do you want to do today love?" Niall asked her picking her up into his arms. She played with nialls hair, 

"can we play house?" my smile grew and Niall looked back at me like he didn't know the first thing about this game. 

"that sounds like fun Bella" I chimed in trying to sound excited. 

"yay! Daddy will you play with me and mommy?" 

"of course!" he smiled showing all his teeth. 

"I'll go get my baby dolls and stroller!" she yelled running up the stairs. 

"what do we do in this 'house' game?" Niall suddenly asked. 

"you mean to tell me that you have never played this before?" he shook his head no and I rolled my eyes. 

"you just make up a family and how you live then play like you are those characters. Like say Bella made me the grandma and you the dog, we would have to be those for the whole game." 

"seems easy enough..." I intertwined our fingers and led us to the living room where Bella had brought her toys down to.

"daddy your going to be a baby sitter of this little baby." Bella said carefully holding out the baby doll to Niall as if it were real. 

"what is the babys name?" he asked rocking the baby back and forth. 

"Katie! mommy you are going to be my little girl. Okay?" 

"alright!" I said getting down onto my knees to be more height requirement. 

"let's playyyy" Bella shouted and then snapped into her character. 

"come on sweetie lets get you into bed." 

"no I don't want to go to bed!" I said throwing a fake fit, earning a laugh from Niall. 

"the babysitter Is coming and you need to be in bed!" 


"ding dong" Niall made the door bell noise. 

"noooo daddy! Not yet! I have to make her go to bed first." Bella said breaking character. 

"ya nialler!" I said with a smirk and he blushed holding his free hand up in defense.

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