Hungry & Wild

All Samatha Wanted Was To Get Mc Nuggets instead she got a Hot Irish Man and of course her mc nungets. Read and see how Samatha meet her prince Charming Niall Horan


19. Chapter 19

I picked up the letter off the ground quickly reading it. Mia abandoned Bella. This is awful, a child needs her mother. I needed to make Niall snap out of his anger and realize that there is a child here that needs love. I looked down at Bella who had tears slowly falling down her face, well Samantha time to become a mother..and fast. I bent down and took her up in my arms,

"what's wrong sweetie?"

"daddy doesnt like me."

"he likes you Bella. He just is in a bad mood right now."

"do you like me?"

"of course I do!" I told her my name and we went to the living room to talk about ourselves for a while.

She was so cute and sweet, I loved her already. I put on a old princess movie and went up to talk to Niall. I know I probably shouldn't leave her alone but, she had a movie to occupy her time.

"Niall?" I asked knocking on his door.

"come in." he said blankly.

I stepped in to see his back to the door looking out his big window. I shut the door and went up behind him wrapping my arms around his waist.

"hey babe" he said kissing my head on the side. I smiled at his touch, thank God he had calmed down from earlier.

"Hi Nially"

"I'm sorry for before"

"it's ok, you were just in shock. I would have been the same!"

"thanks for understanding, where is Bella now?"

"I put on a movie for her, but honestly love I really think you need to talk to her. I know you might be scared but she needs you." he nodded and intertwined our fingers.

"help me?" he asked and I pecked his lips.

We got down to where Bella was and Niall talked everything out with her. We all finished the rest of the movie together till Bella fell asleep.

"uhh should I move her to a bed? Or uh.." Niall asked me.

"just let her be, im going to get dinner started. We can wake her up when it's ready."

"alright love." I cleaned up all the lunch food I had yet to get to and started cooking spaghetti.

I wasn't sure how Bella would feel about that, but then again..doesn't every child like pasta? After dinner and ANOTHER disney movie, we took Bella to the guestroom for the night. Tomorrow I will have to take Bella shopping for bedroom necessities since we don't really know how long she will be with us. As we tucked her in she tugged on nialls hand.

"are you and Sammie married?" I smiled at her cute little question.

"not yet." Niall said with a wink. Not yet, so he loved me enough to think ahead to the future with me? We left her room and I pulled him to our room, to finally have him alone.   


"daddyyyy daddy. Daddy! Wake up!" I groaned and hid my head as much as I could under Niall with out being smashed.

"what is it Bella?" Niall asked groggily.

"I'm hungry"

"what time is it?"

"I don't knowww" she whined.

"alright, I'll be right down."

"yayyyyy!" I heard her tiny feet quickly move out of the room.

Niall moved out of bed and I sighed. I wanted to lay with him all morning, this was something I was definitely going to miss. I got out of bed realizing I was only in my bra an underwear from last nights activity with Niall. I quickly went over and picked up my shirt off the ground. As I came back up from bending over I felt Niall right behind me. His lips went to my neck sending chills all over my body. He turned me around and pushed my back against the wall. His lips trailed up to my ear,

"can we leave Bella with Harry tonight?" I nodded not being able to get words out.

He brushed his lips across mine quickly before bringing them to my other ear,

"good." then he left running down stairs shouting,

"what do you want for breakfast Bella??"

I was left there turned on and not knowing what to do with myself.

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