Hungry & Wild

All Samatha Wanted Was To Get Mc Nuggets instead she got a Hot Irish Man and of course her mc nungets. Read and see how Samatha meet her prince Charming Niall Horan


1. Mc Donalds

It was two o'clock in the morning and I were starving. Luckily, McDonald's was open. I walked in and see only one person ahead of me in the line. Damn, I thought. He's ordering for the whole city! After he was done ordering, the cashier asked for my order.

"I'll just have a cheeseburger and a drink.", I responded.

"I'm sorry, we're all out of cheeseburgers." Grrr... "Then I guess I'll take a Big Mac." I tried to smile. "We're out of those, too." Are you serious? But he just ordered both of those things, I thought.

"Do you at least have some chicken nuggets?" The cashier hesitated.

"Fine, I'll just take a Caramel Frappe." I handed him your money and he seemed to take it quickly.

You better take it quickly. Before I change my mind, I thought. In minutes, I got my frappe. The man handed it to me with a smile on his face. He was attractive, but no. I walked over to the stools and sat down. Someone sat next to me. I recognized him as the blonde that was ahead of me in line. He placed fries and a box of twenty nuggets in front of me. I smiled.

"What's this for?" I were facing him now.

"You looked hungry. Sorry for ordering the place out." I hesitated.

"You know, you must be really special if he's giving you something to eat. Especially when it's his food.", a voice came from behind me.

"Shut up, Liam", the blonde said to his friend.

I finally caught on that they had accents. I picked up a nugget and shoved into my mouth.

"Thanks." Liam smiled.

"Looks like someone finally has an appetite to match Niall's", he said as I were eating the fourth nugget.

I was THAT hungry. The names rang in my ears. The accents became emphasized in my mind. Their looks finally became clearer. It hit me as you spit out the nugget.

"Holy shit." They looked at me and Niall smirked.

"So what's your name, beautiful?" I blushed. Niall Horan just called me beautiful.

"My name is Samantha." He smiled. 

"Pretty name, but prettier girl." Liam laughed. Probably because my face is so red right now, I thought.

"Shut up, Liam. I think it's cute when a fan blushes." I smiled again.

"Well I wouldn't really call myself a fan. However, I do believe the term 'Directioner' might describe me."

He smiled. You loved his smile. And those eyes. You're so hypnotizing, I thought to the tune of the Demi Lovato song. I continued to eat after the uncomfortable silence rang in my ears. When I finally finished, I realized that Niall had been watching me eat the whole time. I blushed,

"Sorry." He was still making eye contact.

"No problem, love. You were hungry." He smiled.

"Did you maybe want to come back to our place for the rest of the night?" He seemed to be blushing.

You seen that he had somehow taken your phone and entered his number. Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But here's my number. So fuck me maybe, I thought.

"Yeah, sure. I guess we're gonna be up all night though, huh?" He laughed that amazing laugh again.

"Only if you want to be, love." That smile... I hesitated at first, but eventually responded.

"I'd love to." 

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