New Opportunities

Lauren Myers has always had a dream of winning the X Factor and becoming the next top singer. The one everyone recognizes on the street, who has songs people hum to themselves while shopping for clothes or in the grocery store. The one people try to be like, the one who's famous but not a snobby rich kid. Also known as, the perfect person. But is there really such a thing as being perfect? And if she wins, can she pull it off? Plus, what will happen when five guys who have achieved this title come into her life?


1. To the Train Station

"Laur, be downstairs in ten!" my dad called from the living room.

"Okay!" I yelled back, closing my laptop and locking my phone, putting it on my dresser. My laptop went into my carry-on bag for my train ride and my plane. Ew. I hate being on trains! But planes, I love them. If I could live in one I would.

Today was a big day, the day I auditioned to be on the X Factor. I took a deep breath and opened my dresser drawer to choose my outfit. It had to be simple and not look like I took hours to perfect, yet pretty and not trashy.

I decided on a thin white shirt which had ruffles along the neckline over my pale daisy yellow tank top and a pair of skinny jeans that cut off just below my knees. I slicked on some lipgloss and mascara and pulled my straight chocolate brown hair into a loose braid, resting it on my left shoulder so the ends tickled my chin. I'm not one for slabbing on a ton of powder and lipstick onto my face to look like a geisha. It just looks so fake!

I slipped on my black ballet flats and grabbed my favorite silver bracelet, which happened to be my good luck charm. I also clipped my favorite necklace on, a thin silver chain with three silver star charms dangling from the middle. The CD with the music to the song I was singing, I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, was on my dresser next to where I had placed my phone. I shoved my phone into my pocket and tucked the CD safely into the front of my suitcase. I was ready.

Padding down the stairs two at a time, my suitcase bouncing behind me, I went into the kitchen. My brother Daniel handed me an envelope which contained two tickets, one for the train to New York City and one the plane ride over seas to London, England. My little sister Maura grinned at me. "Got everything?" I nodded and grabbed a muffin from the pantry. "All set!"

We got into our black SUV, my dad driving, me in shotgun, and Maura and Danny in the backseat. Maura basically has her headphones glued into her ears 24/7, she listens to music nonstop. Even though it's not good for your hearing to use headphones all day, she insists on it and I don't stop her. Dan was doing something random on his iPhone leaving me and my dad to chat amongst ourselves. "Ready to be the next pop star?" he chuckled, throwing me a cheeky grin. I sighed and leaned back into the cushioned seat, knowing he meant it as a joke, but I took it seriously. After a minute of silence, I realized I hadn't answered his question.

"Well?" he asked and as we stopped at a red light he turned to me. "I don't know, Dad. If I somehow had the luck to win the X Factor, what would I do? No one would give me a contract, I'm not good enough." He smiled a small smile at me. "Don't think like that, sweety. You're an amazing singer! Boys will be lined up around the block!" He winked and I rolled my eyes. I guess you could say I'm pretty, but I just don't see it. "Dad!"

He laughed and pulled up to the train station doors. Maura shook the back of my seat and yelled, "Ready to be famous!?" right into my ear. I yelped. "Maur!" She giggled and two doors slammed, signaled both Danny and Maura were out of the car to get my suitcases. My dad took this time to be serious, something he rarely is. It suprised me.

He turned to me and stroked my cheek. I noticed a glint in his eye. Was that a... tear? My question was answered by a small droplet leaving a shimmering trail down his cheek. I studdered, "Dad... Are you alright?" He smiled sadly and whispered, "Your mother would be so proud." I swallowed thicky, a lump forming in my throat, trying not to cry.

My mom was the reason I started singing. She had a beautiful voice and encouraged me to enter into my school talent show. She helped me get over my stage fright and now, overall, I'm a better person. Singing has transformed my life, and so has she. She died in a car crash when I was nine. Now I'm seventeen. It's been eight years, and I vow I will never forget her. I smiled at my father, knowing how hard it is for him to have his one true love pass away. He'll never remarry, and I don't blame him. She was perfect.

My dad opened his mouth as if he was about to speak, but he closed it and got out of the car. I slowly opened my door too to give my goodbyes.

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