Let me love you

16 year old Brooklyn Rose starts school at Pleighton High mid year, knowing no one who goes there. She instantly becomes friends with Danielle Peazer, a fun and easy going girl in her homeroom, who introduces her to Zayn Malik, a gorgeous guy who sings like an angel. But will Brooklyn's past destroy everything...


1. It's all fake smiles

I look at the car window, my reflection standing out against the sun, although it's not particularly warm outside. I give up looking at my reflection and throw my head back against the seat, facing the windscreen.

My mum drives silently in the seat beside me, not even bothering with small talk. That's what annoys me about her, I'm always the one keeping the conversation  going. We finally arrive at my new school, Pleighton High.

"Okay, well have a good day at school sweety."
Mum says while giving me a genuine smile. I put on the best smile I can manage as I hop out of the car.
"Sure thing, Mum."
It's only once she's driven off that I allow the fake smile to disappear from my face and a single tear slides down my cheek. I wipe it away quickly, hoping no one noticed. I take a deep breath and walk into the gates of Pleighton High.

 I look around the school office while I wait for my timetable. The whole room is furnished and decorated with white, including white walls. It's all too similar to a hospital, too sterilized.

"Brooklyn Rose?"
A skinny lady with blonde hair pulled back into a bun waves a piece of paper in front of my face. "Yep."
I take the paper, plastering a big smile on my face.
"Welcome to Pleighton High. I'm Gin, the office secretary." She mirrors my fake smile.
"Thanks. I think I'm really going to enjoy it here."
I say as sweetly as I can manage.
"Of course you will. Now you'd best be off to class, wouldn't want to be late on your first day now would we?"
She says nodding towards the door.
"No." I say curtly as I turn to exit the office.

I stand outside my homeroom, surveying the class before I enter. A guy with black hair, brown eyes and gorgeous Pakistani features looks up, noticing me. I take a deep breath  and enter the classroom. Everyone in the room turns to stare like Justin Bieber's just walked into the room.

"Class, this is the new student Brooklyn Rose. Brooklyn, welcome to Pleighton High. You can sit in the spare seat up the back." I smile at my homeroom teacher. He seems nice enough.
 "Thanks Mr..?"
"Thanks Mr.Quell." I reply.
 I take my seat up the back. To my left is  guy who noticed me standing outside the class, and  to my right is a girl with brown curly hair and blue eyes. The girl smiles when I look at her.
"I'm Danielle Peazer. What do you have next?"
"Math. What do you have?" I ask, hoping she has math too.
"Damn. I have English. Sorry." she smiles apologetically. "I can still show you where it is?" She asks. I consider it, because I have no idea where to go, but I don't want to make her miss her class.
"Nah it's okay. I'm sure I'll find it." I give her a small smile.

"Hey, Zayn! You have math next don't you?" She looks around me hopefully, not even caring that she interrupted his conversation with an equally cute blonde haired- blue eyed guy beside him. "Yeah."
I hear Zayn say, with a questioning look on his face. "Well you don't mind Brooklyn tagging along with you, do you?" Danielle looks hopeful.
"Sure." He gives me a small smile before turning around to continue his conversation with the brown haired- brown eyed guy beside him. The bell rings loudly and I get up from my desk.
"Ok well see you after, Brooklyn?" Danielle calls loudly as she walks towards the door of the classroom.
"Yep." I smile at her, regretting not accepting her offer to show me where my math class is. She seemed really nice and energetic, and I could really do with being around someone like that.

"So Brooklyn, you ready for math?" I hear a quiet voice say from behind me, and I turn around to find Zayn waiting for me.
"As ready as anyone can be for math." I say just loud enough for him to hear, and he gives me a small smile.
"Ok then." he replies as he starts walking towards the door of the class. 
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