Timeless You Stand Before Me...

So many times Chelsea has tried to get close to Reece Mastin, winner of X-Factor Australia 2011, but every time she has failed. So when they bump into each other unexpectedly, it seems as though its love at first sight. But is there more to the rockstar then meets the eye?


1. So Close But Yet So Far


"Where's Reece?"


As soon as I got to the airport, I rushed with my best friend, Julia towards the arrival sector. I looked around, grabbed Julia's hand and ran to the closet information.


"Hello," I said, stopping to breathe, "Would you know which flight Reece Mastin just hopped off?"


"Yes, he's flight is just down the end," the lady replied, "Look out for flight A35672 from Sydney-"


I rushed off when I had all the information I needed.


I ran to my hearts content and finally reached the end. Reece was collecting his luggage with security crowded around him. Lil' Rocker girls swarmed around Reece, screaming his name.  Michael (a new band member), Dave and Marcus stood around a sea of girls, but no security bothered to surround them.


"Th-There's Reece!" I whispered, my voice barely audible.


"Ooh! There's Michael!" Julia cried, "He's such a cutie!"


I rushed over to the swarm of girls surrounding Reece Mastin. I was pushed back from the girls and I tried to get as close as possible again.


  "Move back! Move back!" the security guards cried, "Reece has to go!"


They moved closer to the door and the security tried to move us away. Reece looked over the mob of girls and straight at me, he then looked away and I tripped over someone. I fell straight to the ground and Reece climbed into a car further away. Micheal, Marcus, Dave and a bunch of screaming girls rushed past me.


"Chelsea! Are you alright?" Julia asked as she pulled me up


Tears swelled up in my eyes. I missed Reece Mastin by an inch. My total inspiration was just driving out of the airport only a couple of hundred meters away.


"Did you get to meet Reece?" Julia asked as she spun me around to face her.


As soon as she saw my eyes, she frowned and put her arm around me. She knew I hadn't, and I wasn't ever going to.




. As soon as I got in the car surrounded of Lil' Rockers, it was straight onto Twitter. 


~ Sorry to all the lil rockers at the airport, had to get going and couldn't stop I'm as upset as you guys ~


"Hey, man, it's not your fault," Michael (my new bandmate) said as he read my tweet, "Don't feel so upset..."


"Michael, the Lil' Rockers are Reece's everything!" Marcus snapped from the front seat. 


Dave, who sat in the middle of Michael and I, play punched Michael in the arm, "Hey, I don't think Michael meant it in THAT way. C'mon Reece, what about a Boost Juice when we get nearer to Crown Casino?"


I shrugged, "Yeah, alright. Berry Crush all the way, bro."


"Aw, Reecey-poo, you always get that!" Marcus laughed.


"No, no, no guys. Boost Juice AND fish and chips!" Michael cried. I nodded and switched off my Android.


I tapped my fingers in beat to Want U Back by Cher Lloyd. What a babe! Marcus turned the radio up, he knew I had a crush on Cher. Even though my celeb crush was playing on the radio, I still felt a pang of guilt in my stomach. I love my Lil' Rockers, but sometimes fate pulls me away.


~~ *•*•* ~~




After my crying affair in the airport, my mum had suggested we have some Boost Juice at the nearest one to Crown Towers. I agreed, so did Julia, maybe it could get me over the whole incident. The trio of us piled into the car and turned up the music, Cher Lloyd... reminded me of Reece. It was almost finishing but I couldn't stand it. 


"Hey Chels, we might even see Reece at Boost!" Julia nudged as she burst into laughter.


"Shut up Julia!" I joked as I shrugged her off. 


It's pretty unlikely that Reece would be there... even though he likes Boost Juice and all... Julia smirked, "Well, it IS near Crown Casino... so it's could be a possibility!" 


I laughed, "You just wanna see Michael, don't you?"


"Maybe..." Julia whispered.


I leaned back in my chair, "Yeah... Michael is pretty hot. I mean, so is Marcus and Dave... but none compares to Reecey..." 


Julia nodded, "You ARE right, but Reece is all yours babe. You've loved him way longer than me!"


"Ever since he stepped on to that X-Factor stage..." I sighed, "He had it, the X-Factor I mean."


"He does! I just LOVE Shout It Out!" Julia cried as she swung her head to Wild Ones by Sia and FloRida blasting through the radio.


Our mum didn't seem pretty pleased that we came late and missed Reece and the boys by a smidge. I was grateful that Mum even took us to Boost Juice, I mean, she drove us at least forty five to see my inspiration... and we missed him.  We soon pulled up right in front of Boost Juice. Julia, my mother and I all got out and I slammed the door shut. We hurried over and I pushed the door open with an almighty heave. The day was humid, perfect for a smoothie. The line was longish so we hopped in as soon as we could. 


"What do you want?" I asked Julia.


Julia's eyes scanned the menu, "I think I'll get a... Tropical Storm. What about you, Chels?"


I rolled my eyes, "Did you seriously just ask that?"


"I know what it is! It's a Berry Crush!" Julia laughed quietly, "It's Reece's favourite flavour, blah, blah, blah... you've told me it only, like, a MILLION times!"


My mum tapped my shoulder, "Hey, sweetie, I'll just get some lunch across the road. Here's some money for your smoothies, I'll be back in a minute, ok?"


"Sure, thanks mum," I said as I accepted the money.




We pulled up somewhat near Boost Juice and parked the car. Marcus, Michael, Dave and I rushed down the street and to the Boost Juice door. A lady walked out quickly, bumping into the side of me.


"Oh, sorry," I apologized as the lady looked up.


She stopped and stared at me for a while, until she grinned, "Oh my, your Reece Mastin, aren't you?" 


"Yeah," I replied as Dave grabbed the door handle into Boost Juice.


The lady smiled, "My daughter Chelsea is just inside with her friend. She's a crazy Lil' Rocker and it would mean the world to her if you said hello." I


nodded, "I'll keep that in mind, thanks."


The lady ran off across the road to a bakery on the other side before we disappeared into the Boost Juice store. The four of us stood behind the two girls and I told Marcus, Michael and Dave to be quiet.


"Hello, welcome to Boost Juice, may I take your order?" the cashier asked.


One of the girls replied, "Hi, um, can I please have one medium Berry Crush and can Julia here have one medium Tropical Storm?" 


The cashier punched a few buttons and smiled, "Sure, thats $12.40, thanks! Name for the order?"


"Chelsea and no problem," the same girl said as she handed the money over.


As the cashier fiddled around with the money, I said out of nowhere,


"Good choice, I love Berry Crushes."

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