Timeless You Stand Before Me...

So many times Chelsea has tried to get close to Reece Mastin, winner of X-Factor Australia 2011, but every time she has failed. So when they bump into each other unexpectedly, it seems as though its love at first sight. But is there more to the rockstar then meets the eye?


2. Nice To Meet You!


"Good choice, I love Berry Crushes..."

A british accent? That sounded familiar. I spun around and there stood... *gasp* Reece Mastin and his buddies Dave, Marcus and Michael.

"Oh... my gosh..." I stammered.

"Hey darling, you must be Chelsea, right?" Reece grinned.

I stood motionless forever. There he was, my role model, standing behind me in line to get a Boost Juice.

"Uh, miss? Your change?" 

I spun back around and accepted the money. I soon realized that I was keeping Reece from ordering so I shuffled away with Julia to a table.

"Oh my gosh, it's Reece! It's actually him! Standing over there! And he bloody KNOWS MY NAME!" I whispered to Julia. 

Julia held my shoulders and shook me, "It's ok, Chels. I know Reece Mastin's standing over there and everything but... chill."

I accounted Julia's words of wisdom into mind and tapped my fingers to the music played in the store. I watched Reece, Micheal, Dave and Marcus order and I awaited my Berry Crush. As soon as the boys had finished ordering, they walked over to join us. I started to hyperventilate quietly but Julia calmed me by patting my hand, shushing me. 

"Hey again," I said as calmly as I could.

Dave laughed, "I think we need a proper introduction..."

"Indeed," Micheal agreed, "I'm Micheal, what's your name?"

Julia blushed, "I'm Julia, nice to meet you."

"Can I ask something? How did you know my name, Reece?" I asked.

"We sort of bumped into your mum outside..." Reece replied, scratching the back of his head.

I almost choked, "As if my mum met you before I did..."

The boys and Julia laughed as I tapped to the tune of Want U Back on the table.

"So, Chelsea..." Micheal began.

"How long have you been a Lil' Rocker?" Reece queeried.

"Since the X-Factor days, I voted for you every week!" I replied. I slapped my hand... I sounded so desperate!

Julia had noticed this and kicked me gently under the table, "I, however, became a  Lil' Rocker by listening to your songs. But, y'know, I have a thing for guitarists that go by the name of Micheal..."

Micheal's lip curved up into a smile, "What's his last name? Maybe I know him."


The Boost Juice lady called Reece and my name together at the same time so I stepped up to collect our smoothies. Reece followed and I thanked the Boost Juice lady.

"Hey, so, I was thinking," Reece started as he pushed straws into the four cups, "You seem like a really nice girl, Chelsea. Maybe we could hang out again some day?"

I smiled, trying to hide my inner fan girl, "Oh sure, that would be awesome."

Reece grabbed a napkin and pulled out a pen. He wrote his number down and handed it to me, "Heres my number, take it. I'm staying in Melbourne for about a week or so and going to a party tomorrow night. Maybe you girls would like to come?"

I accepted the napkin, "Oh, you'll see us there for sure."

"Great! Sounds good!" Reece said as he flashed his amazing smile, "Ring me tonight if your still interested. I'll give you the details then."

"Perfect," I nodded, "Hey, no need to sound fangirly-ish, but can I have a photo?"


I fished my phone out and asked if one of the Boost Juice Staff could take the picture. They very much agreed and the picture was taken in a flash.

"Thank you!" I grinned, slipping my phone into my pocket.

Reece shrugged, "Anytime!" 

We walked back to the table, me grinning like an idiot.

"Hey, sorry to break this whole thing up and everything, but we have to go guys. Crown Casino calls!" Reece laughed, chucking his phone in his pocket.

"Aw! But I was just getting to know Michael!" Julia whined.

I nudged Julia in the arm, "You'll get to know more about him tomorrow night..." I said under gritted teeth.

Julia took a while to catch on before I slid her the napkin, "Oh! Well, nice meeting you Michael!"

Michael nodded his head, "Anytime, Julia."

"Bye Michael! Bye Dave! Bye Marcus! Bye Reece!" I called as they walked out of the shop.

I slumped back in the chair and slid the napkin in my handbag. Had a really just met Reece Mastin? My mum walked through with a plastic bag holding our lunch.

"Hey Chelsea!" she smiled, hiding her cheeky grin.

"You MET Reece Mastin first!" I cried as I spun my head in the other direction.

"Oh, it doesnt matter! C'mon, let's get home and eat this lunch! I'm hungry!" 

We climbed into the car and the radio switched on. 

"And here's Reece Mastin with Shout It Out!" 

I smiled to my self, and so did Julia. I still couldn't wrap my head around it.


Since it was the holidays, I was more then happy to go to the party. I could drive, which was awesome and the only reason why my mum drove me to the airport is because she wanted to be protective or something. I added the number to my contacts the next day and texted Reece.

To: Reece Mastin

Hey Reece! Julie and I are happy to come tonight but we're just wondering if we could bring our other friend, Mia. She's cool and all, thanks Reece. Get back to me as soon as you can.

From: Reece Mastin

thats no problem! c u in another 4 hours :-)

I called up Mia and confirmed that she could come along and she'd better get ready. I fished out a simple outfit for the party... A gray singlet, a long red singlet/cardigan, ripped denim jeans and black and white converse. I gave myself a quick French manicure and applied some slight lipstick and mascara. It wasn't much, but it explained "me" without the use of words. My mum was working and my dad was at a friends house, so I hopped in the car and drove to Mia's, since she was closer. I pulled up at her house and Mia ran down the driveway, she was clearly excited. She wore pastel green ankle jeans, a black oversized knit, a pastel green amulet necklace and black heels. Mia cooked up very nicely. I watched as she hopped in the passenger seat.

"Looking lovely, Mima!" I cried as I started backing out of the driveway.

Mia nodded, "Thank you! You didn't do too bad either!"

I laughed and made my way to Julia's house, "Excited?"

"Definetely! I still can't believe you met Reece at Boost Juice!"

I smiled, "It's fate, I guess."

"Well, it's nice!" Mia said, "I mean you didn't get to meet Reece earlier this year because you didn't get tickets, then because of the camping trip... jeez your cursed with Reece!"

I rolled my eyes, "Thanks, that made me so much better."

We soon pulled up Julia's and I beeped the horn. Julia took her time, she always HAD to be perfect. Soon enough she came running out of the door. Julia wore dark blue denim jeans, an  uneven longsleeved gray shirt, a black leather jacket and black boots. She looked amazing, especially because her hair was curled. 

As soon as she hopped in the back, she looked at my outfit, "Nice!"

I nodded, "Thank you! Now just gimme a minute to put the address of this place in the GPS..."

I entered the address and we were off. We sung to the latest songs on the radio... Justice Crew, Owl City, Usher... the whole lot. It wasnt till the end of the trip that Shout It Out came on. 

Julia started singing, "I just want to shout it out, shout it out-"

Mia wound down the window and hollered, "SHOUT IT O-OUT, WHOA OH OH OH!"

I laughed and minutes later pulled up at the destination. It was a club, and I was a little afraid. I've never been to a club before. 

"Are you sure this is the destination?" Mia asked as we hopped out.

"I'm pretty sure..." I replied, double checking my phone. Yep! It was the address. I gripped my handbag closer to my side and walked in. The club was full of older men drinking and they all looked up at us. I was scared as hell when a man walked up to me. I took a step back but he smiled.

"It's ok! Reece sent you, right? Your Chelsea, Mia and Julia?" he re-assured.

I nodded slowly, "That's correct..."

He gave another smile, "Follow me, if you will..."
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