Audra is an aspiring dancer, and she gets the chance of a lifetime when One Direction's choreographer hires her as an assistant for the boys upcoming tour. But this may not only change her career.


25. I love you, I love you, I love you

Audra's POV

I couldn't bring myself to chase after him. My body wanted to move, wanted to run to him and have him hold me close. But my mind commanded my body to stay frozen at it's place. I heard the front door open and slam shut, and at the moment I felt my chest tighten and the lump in my throat getting bigger. Before the tears began rolling down my cheeks, I quickly ran into the bathroom and turned on the hot shower. It seemed like it would be the only thing to comfort me before I break down, and the last thing I want to do is cry. I shouldn't cry, I've known him for a few days. A few days and you've already slept with him. I guess fame works on you. My subconscious spat back at me. I couldn't even put together all that had just happened, so I stripped out of my clothing and walked into the steamy shower. I let the droplets of water hit every inch of my skin, relaxing my muscles, until they traveled down my body falling just at my fingertips. My eyes closed and I slid down the tiled wall of the shower to sit as my mind went to some distant place, where there were no worries, but in the back of mind I still wanted to sob. I still wanted to break down, scream, kick, punch, anything to let out my frustrations. But I just sat there, quietly, with my eyes shut just listening to the water fall around me.


My heart dropped. Did he come back? I couldn't form words, or move. Again my body was failing me, so I sat there waiting for him to speak. I tried peeking through the shower curtain and saw him sitting on the bathroom floor, with his head in his hands. So badly, I wanted to go and hug him. Tell him that I would be there no matter what, but I needed to hear him tell me how I felt. I needed to know I meant something. 

"Listen I... I don't even know where to start. What I said... I didn't mean for you to take it that way. I just have a lot on my mind, I'm worried. I'm worried about everything, but that's only because I want the best for you. It's not the best time to start thinking of this, I know that. Audra, I don't want you to get hurt. And it was stupid for me to even think that I needed to say anything because I know I'll never hurt you. Because.. I. Love. You. I love you and there's a million reasons why. Your giggle, your smile, the way you say my name, the way you can light up a room. You're you, and I love every single bit of it, and I'd do anything in my power to give you everything and make sure you're happy at the end of every day. I'm sorry. For everything, just don't lose hope on me. Please."

He spilled his feelings for me, and I couldn't hold back the tears. I shut off the water, quickly jumped out the shower, and scrambled into his arms. He didn't even have time to realize what happened, but he wrapped his arms around my body and held me close as I cried into his shoulder.

"I love you, I love you, I love you." I whispered through my silent cry. 

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