Audra is an aspiring dancer, and she gets the chance of a lifetime when One Direction's choreographer hires her as an assistant for the boys upcoming tour. But this may not only change her career.


24. Fuck you, too

Audra's POV

Harry had come back a bit after me and my mom shared our moment of grief about my dad, and we had acted normally. Normally meaning he would only join in the conversation when my mum asked a question every so often, and left me and her to have our own discussion. As we finished our plates of food, Harry stood up.

"I'll go pay." He gave a small smile. Even though it seemed like an act of kindness, I knew enough that he just wanted an excuse to get away. What was up with him? It's not like I made him meet my mum, it was his choice. I felt the angry grow in the pit of my stomach as I watched him walk away. My mother placed her fragile hand on my shoulder, sensing that I was agitated.

"Just talk to him, sweetheart."

"I shouldn't even have to deal with this already. I've known him for three days."

"Love isn't about the time you spend together, Audra. It's about the way you feel about each other every time you're together." With that, my mother left me at the table while she went to Harry. No matter how annoyed I could be with any situation, she always was my voice of reason. It had been this way since I can remember. My mother was logical, reasonable. Unlike her, I took after my father. Always passionate about everything, always put my heart into everything. And most of the time, it was my downfall. I joined my mum and Harry who were making simple talk as I took my time to leave the table.

"Well I think I'm just going to take the cab from here back home." My mother said.

"No mum, you can come over for a bit. You don't have to leave now." I argued, feeling like she felt as if she had to leave because of Harry. The way things were going with him at this moment, I would love for her to stay. She glared at me, and then shifted her eyes to Harry. I knew what she was telling me to do. I sighed.

"I've already called a cab. It was nice meeting you, Harry. You're lovely." She smiled warmly. They hugged each other, and then she faced me. "Call me whenever, honey. I love you." My mum held me tightly. "And good luck." She whispered right before releasing me and walking out to catch her cab. Waving, my eyes watched as the car drove on carrying the most important person in my life away.

"Should we go?" Harry asked, and I just nodded remembering how fed up I was with him. 


Harry's POV

The car ride home was one thing. Silent. Absolute silence. I knew Audra was pissed at me, after all I had barely made conversation with her mum and didn't speak to her at all. There was just so many thoughts running through my head, that the stress began getting to me. All I could think about was what if this doesn't work out? I care about her more than anything already. This is going to fast. But it feels right. I'm at loss. What if she doesn't feel the same? I think she does. What if we go public? Will she be able to handle it? If we end, we'll be working with each other anyway. Could we go through that? I love her. I really do. Can this work?

"Harry..." I heard Audra's voice say quietly, snapping me from my thoughts.

"Hmm?" I said, concentrating on getting back to her flat before this conversation would begin. The last thing I need is this soon-to-be argument being out in public and the paparazzi having a chance to photograph it. I quickly pulled up to her flat, and we both got out. I could tell she was trying to find the words as I closed the door behind us into her flat. She spun around and just stared at me. The look in her eyes, both anger and confusion, crushed me.

"What's wrong with you? You barely said a word today after driving to lunch." She crossed her arms across her chest, the agitation visible in her face now.

"There's a lot going through my mind, Audra."

"Like what?" 

"Don't worry about it."

"How can I not?"

"Just forget about it." I shrugged.

"Talk to me, Harry. If I mean as much as I say I do, you'll tell me what's on your mind."

"If you mean as much as I say you do? If? Why would you question the way I feel about you?" We had both snapped at this point, letting our emotions take a hold over our actions.

"Well it surely doesn't seem like you do anymore."

"Because I didn't talk."

"Because you aren't telling me how you feel! Just last night we were telling each other everything."

"Maybe I'm not saying things to protect you!" I yelled.

"Protecting me from what?! I don't know what you're talking about!" She yelled just as loudly back into my face.

"What if this doesn't work, Audra? Huh? Then what? You're going to see me everyday at your internship. Do you get that? There will be paparazzi to deal with, do you understand that? Life will not be easy for us. It-"

"Stop. You're just thinking about this now. Not before we hook up, but after. So you could fuck me and get what you wanted, and then find this excuse to leave." She questioned. I could see the pain in her eyes, but her voice just sounded like pure fury.

"That's not it at all! What the fuck. I'm trying to look out for you!" I yelled. I could feel my heartbeat quicken and the blood rush to my face.

"No, fuck you Harry!"

"Fuck you too, for not listening to what I'm saying!"

"I heard loud and clear. Trust me." She stormed off. I followed her into her bedroom, hearing her start to sniffle. Oh no.

"Audra, listen to me."

"No, I've heard enough! You can't do that to someone! You can't just hook up with them and tell them how much you care about them and then decide you can't handle it. You asshole!" She said facing me now with tears rolling down her cheek.

"Fucking listen to me! Jesus Christ, I can't handle this. Not if you're gonna be an emotional wreck!" Oh no, what did I just say. Fuck.

"A what? An emotional wreck! At least I don't play with people! GET THE FUCK OUT!" She screamed, ripping her heel from her foot and throwing the shoe at me. Luckily, I dove out of the way. "There's a fucking emotional wreck for you, asshole!" Throwing the other heel at me as well. That's when my blood pressure really rose.

"I didn't do anything wrong here!" I said swinging a lamp from her nightstand onto the ground. It shattered onto the floor. Audra just stared at me, her mouth hanging open. Shock maybe? At the fact that I had become so frustrated. "Fuck!" I yelled, mostly at myself. And stormed off towards the door.

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