Audra is an aspiring dancer, and she gets the chance of a lifetime when One Direction's choreographer hires her as an assistant for the boys upcoming tour. But this may not only change her career.


2. Food and Questions

When we reached Nando's, I was seated in between Harry and Niall. When I ordered a salad, the boys stared at me.

"Are you watching your figure, dancer?" Louis asked in his sassy tone.

"All dancers should." I replied in the same tone.

"Well played this time." He said and returned to eating his food as the boys chuckled at him. Louis was definitely the funniest, but they were all sweethearts.

"So how'd you get to working with Brian?" Niall asked while chewing with his mouth full of food. I laughed, and Niall just stared at me with confusion in his eyes.

"Might want to swallow your food before you talk next time, Niall." Liam said laughing as well. 

"Sorry! Now an answer please, dancer." Niall asked again.

"Well I was in a couple of big competitions, and I didn't know he was there ever. But I guess he was watching out for someone to do a possible internship, and so he came up to me and basically said I had talent and he would really like me to work with him." I explained.

"What about school?" Liam asked.

"I put that aside for this. This is what I really want to do after all."

"Good point, very inspiring." Liam commented.

"Well thank you, I can't even believe it's even happening." I smiled. 

"You better believe it since you're stuck with us for awhile, dancer." Zayn said.

"I guess I should start getting used to all of you." I giggled.

"We're not too much to handle, I believe." Louis said.

"That couldn't have come from a worse person." Niall laughed.

"Harry, stop staring at her and join the conversation!" Louis yelled. I felt bad for Harry, they kept picking on him for no reason. I'm sure he didn't appreciate that they were assuming that he had a crush on me. In my dreams. 

"Sorry! Well why did you start dancing?" Harry asked me.

"I don't exactly remember. I was about two years old, and I told my mother that I wanted to dance after watching that old movie 'Dirty Dancing.' Not sure if you guys have heard of it, but that's where it all started."

"Well the title doesn't really help your image..." Zayn laughed and the boys joined him.

"It's not a bad movie!" I defended myself but couldn't help laughing along with them. The boys were easy to get along with, I had completely forgotten that they were the most popular boy band in the world while I was sitting at Nando's with them. They were all down to earth, something you don't usually expect from popstars. We left, and I gave the driver directions to my flat which wasn't far. 

"Bye Audra!" They all yelled as I got out of the Range Rover.

"See you guys tomorrow." I smiled and closed the door behind me. 

"Harry wants to love you!" I heard Louis yell out the window as I entered my building. Should've expected it.

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