Audra is an aspiring dancer, and she gets the chance of a lifetime when One Direction's choreographer hires her as an assistant for the boys upcoming tour. But this may not only change her career.


20. Always Thinking

Harry's POV

I had decided to wait for Audra in my Range Rover since she wasn't ready yet. To me, she didn't need to put makeup on or do her hair because when I woke up to her I still found her beautiful just the way she naturally was. But of course, she's a girl, and takes twice as long getting ready because she feels as if she needs to. We had to be in the studio in 20 minutes, and it took about 15 minutes to get there. Just as I was about to honk the horn, she walked out. Breathtaking as always, even in her dance clothes. She had a belly shirt on, since London was surprisingly warm today, and her belly button ring was visible. I shifted in my seat as I let my eyes gaze over her tan body, trying to keep lust from overtaking me. 

"Sorry Hazza, forgive me?" She said as she close the passenger door, pouting. 

"How could I not." I said kissing her forehead. I had drove fast in order to get there before Brian and the boys, doubtful that the boys would be on time. But Audra had to be on there on time which was the only reason I was rushing. If our relationship gets in the way of her internship, she could be let go. And I didn't want her to leave and miss this opportunity for me. Then I began thinking, what if management doesn't support us being together eventually. They could say it won't be helpful for us in the press or that my image could get ruined considering I was the 'playboy' of the group. 

"What are you thinking about?" Audra asked quietly as I parked in front of the studio. I quickly shook everything that was running through my mind and just shook my head.

"Nothing, babe. Let's go." I gave her a reassuring smile and she nodded. As we entered the dance studio, I saw that the boys were already there but thankfully Brian wasn't which he wouldn't know that me and Audra had spent the night together. I didn't know if Audra was thinking the same thing, but nonetheless I didn't want to bring it up with everyone around. 

"Looks like some people spent the night together." Zayn winked. Audra laughed nervously and I squeezed her shoulder to relieve. The boys and I knew everything about each other, but we would never say a word to anyone else.

"Everyone's here on time, what a pleasant surprise!" Brian said as he burst through the door. Without hesitation, he began teaching us simple moves for the next song. Audra watched him do it once, and then began doing the same. Even though I knew I had to pay attention, I couldn't help but stare at the way her body moved as she danced. The way her hips mesmerized me and reminded me of our hot night last. It made me impatient to leave the studio and get her all to myself again.

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