Summer with One Direction

The schools sets up a competition Bella and her friends win they were so excited they never stopped talking about it until next day a whole summer with one direction how amazayn is that . What will happen ? Will Bella fall in deep love with zayn ? Does he feel the same way ? What about her friends will fall in deep love with the others ??


1. The competition

"I hope we will win the competition I really want to meet them " said Stella , "yah I want to meet them especially zayn " cried bella .the hall of the school was filled with silence "and now the moment you all are waiting for the winners are .................... Bella ,Stella,Abby ,Anne and Sam " they all shouted at one "we won " ,the principal said "girls you are going to spend the entrie summer there so you will be picked tomorrow by 10 am get ready and enjoy it " they all shouted and yelled cause they were overwhelmed ...

On the next day they were all at Bella house waiting to 1D there was a knock at the door Bella went to check who was and for sure it was one direction standing there "are you going to let us in ??" said zayn " of course " Bella replied looking at the floor embarrassed "make your selfs at home , I will go to call the others "said bella "is there any food ?" asked Niall "hhh it is in the cupboard there " answered Bella pointing to the cupboard "okay thanks love "replied Niall smiling putting his hand of bella "stop flirting and get yourself food " yelled Louis "Kay" said Niall embarrassed and went .bella went to call the others
and they came down and started meeting each other .when Bella walked to zayn and said " hi I'm bella " nice to meet you Bella and you of course know me "replied zayn "hhhh yah of course "replied Bella and they all went to 1D home
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