Summer with One Direction

The schools sets up a competition Bella and her friends win they were so excited they never stopped talking about it until next day a whole summer with one direction how amazayn is that . What will happen ? Will Bella fall in deep love with zayn ? Does he feel the same way ? What about her friends will fall in deep love with the others ??


2. Falling in DEEP DEEP LOVE

~Bella pov~
So when we reached the house zayn took my hand and we ran inside he showed me everything in the house and then we went up to his room "so you and I will be staying here "he said "okay " i said shyly "why the shy babe ?" he said looking in my eyes "nothing kay I'm fine "I said looking in his eyes we stayed like that for a moment and then he started to lean his face close to mine and said "you are beautiful bella and you have a gorgeous eyes "I looked at Him and said "thanks " and then he kissed me and it felt amazayn then I said "we have to go down they will wonder where are you" "kay love" he said and hold my hand when we reached down they all stared at us in shock and of course I felt a little embarrassed but then zayn whsipered in my ear "you wanna tell them ??" I said immediately "no I-ican't I'm shy you tell them " "Kay " he said "so guys I have good news Bella and I are fallin in DEEP DEEP LOVE " then he kissed my neck and they all cried at once "what ? When ? How ?" zayn and I laughed "did you have the dirt ?" shouted Louis "GROSS NO" I said "good" said louis then we all laughed and stella suggested to watch a horror movie we all agreed and I could see that she and Harry are in deep deep love too ...
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