<3 You've Got That One Thing <3

18 year old Lety started working at a Costco near by her new house when she met this boy Niall. A lot of romance went on but was she ready for this? She soon met all of Niall's friends but that's when things got out of hand. Was it a mistake to meet the rest of the boys? Find out.. (Some dirty/sex scenes. Be careful!)


7. We're Done

**Lety's P.O.V**

I look around the room and all I see are unfamiliar faces. I saw a curly haired boy with green eyes. He seemed to flirt with the ladies a lot. I turned to the other side and I saw Zayn. He was talking to some of his guy friends. "Lety, That over there is Harry." I looked over to see that Harry was the boy who was the flirty kind. "Harry! come over here and meet my girl!" I could feel my cheeks turning red as he came towards me. "Nice to meet you Lety. You're really pretty! Niall better take care of you!" he told me. I smiled and thanked him. 

"Well I better get back to the ladies. I don't want them waiting too long." he turned around and went to the girls. Niall pointed to another boy. He had slightly curly hair and also had brown eyes, just like Zayn. "That there, is Liam." Liam got up from the couch and came over to say hi. "Hi. My name is Lety. I'm Niall's girlfriend." I smiled and took out one hand waiting for a handshake while the other had my beer in it . "Oh come on! None of that bullcrap. You're like family now!" he stretched out his arms waiting for a hug. "Aww what the heck." I went in for a hug. Boy, can he hug!

"And that guy over there is Louis." I looked over to my right to see Louis in the middle of a crowd. He had them laughing their butts off! "He seem very fun." I said to Niall. "Trust me, he is! He's always making me and the lads laugh." he laughed and so did I. I assumed the lads were him, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam since those are the ones he introduced me to. 

"Lety!" I heard in a girlish voice. "Over here Lety! Behind you!" 

I turned around to see Marilyne in a skin tight red dress with very red lips. She had on a load of make up and her hair was straightened this team. She looked better than she did at the store. "Hey Marilyne! What are you doing here?" I ask. "I'm very close friends with Niall." she said and winked. I set down my beer since I had finished it. 

"Want another one? Niall asked. "No thank you. I can't drink too much." I look at his hand and I see he already had a beer for me. "Well.. I guess one more couldn't hurt!" I took the beer, opened it, and had at it. In one gulp I had already finished half the can. "Now you're getting the hang of things!" I laughed and took another drink. 

"How do you know Marilyne? Is she from work?" "Yeah she is. We also used to go out but I don't like her. I have no idea why I went out with her in the first place!" He said and walked to Louis. I can tell Niall was talking about me. I felt Louis staring at me and he winked. I knew I was blushing. I felt my cheeks get hot so I turned to the floor. 

"Niall I'm going to use the bathroom!" I yelled to him from across the room. I didn't mind since the music was so loud. I headed over to the hallway to look for the bathroom. I opened the first door and found a young couple making out in the bed. "Oops." I closed it and went on to the next. Luckily, I had found the bathroom. 

**Niall's P.O.V** 

Man I' having a blast! I hope Lety is too. I'm pretty sure she is. She's already had 7 beers! "Hey Niall!" I turn to my side and see Marilyne coming to me. Oh no. "How you been doing babe?" "Don't babe me. I don't even want to talk to you." I turned around and started talking to Louis. I felt her grab me by the shoulder and she kissed me. I tried to pull away but she had a strong grip. "Niall!?" I heard a familiar voice say. I pulled away and saw Lety in tears. She left and ran out the door.

**Lety's P.O.V** 

I can't believe he did that. That's it. We're done. I started walking to my house but as my anger built, I started running home. 

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