<3 You've Got That One Thing <3

18 year old Lety started working at a Costco near by her new house when she met this boy Niall. A lot of romance went on but was she ready for this? She soon met all of Niall's friends but that's when things got out of hand. Was it a mistake to meet the rest of the boys? Find out.. (Some dirty/sex scenes. Be careful!)


11. Things are Heating Up

**Lety's P.O.V**

Alright I finished making the tea. I walked out of my kitchen and noticed how much of a mess my house was. I handed the tea to Louis and he looked at me. "Is there something wrong?" He asked while sipping his tea. "It's just that.. my house is a mess. I still have a lot of boxes to unload. The only things I have out are couches and a few things I need! I haven't even unpacked my clothes." I sighed knowing how childish I sounded. "How about we help you?" I look at him and I'm grateful but I couldn't take his offer. "I'm sorry.. I don't want to make a bi-" Before I could even finish my sentence, Louis cut me off.

"Don't sweat it! It'll be fun for everyone." I looked around the room and all of the boys were smiling with excitement. I could see that Zayn was bouncing with joy. "Well.. looks like we're going to unpack things here!" "Yaaayyyy!" Liam and Harry started off with the box full of pillows. "That's not such a good idea." I hear Zayn say. "Why is that?" 

I look over to Liam and Harry. They were hitting each other with pillows. Sooner or later, Niall and Louis joined in as well. "Hey would you mind telling me where the bathroom is? I need to take a wee." Liam gives me a pouty look as he waits for a respond. 

"Yeah! It's upstairs. The first door to the left." I smile and he runs upstairs. 

**Liam's P.O.V**

BATHROOM BATHROOM BATHROOM. AHHHHH there it is. I open the door as fast as I can. I stopped and I bumped into someone. She falls onto the floor and I pick her up. "Oh I'm very sorry. I didn't think there was anyone in here." Luckily she had a towel around her. But I wouldn't mind if she didn't. "Lety should've warned me you were showering! You're Elsye right? By the way my name is Liam" "Lety told you to come? Oh great and  yes I am. Nice to meet you Liam." We quickly shake hands. "Sorry but it's my fault. I take long showers and she did warn me about five cute guys." She looks at me and I see she's blushing. I feel my cheeks turning into a shade of pink.

"Well I should get going now. You need to change." "No! You use the bathroom. I'll change in the room" I saw her take her clothes and noticed she had a cheetah bra. "I'm guessing you like cheetahs?" She looks down at her clothes and looks back up. She started to blush again and I winked at her. As soon as she left I started to use the bathroom. Smiling the whole time.

**Elsye's P.O.V** 

Damn that kid was cute! He had the brownest eyes just like me. His hair was short but it was a bit curly. The way he looked at me while I was in my towel it was.. Incredible. I put on my clothes and put on a bit of mascara with lip gloss. I walk downstairs and see Niall with 2 Other guys having a pillow fight. I saw another one and he looked a bit calm. He was just unpacking boxes. 

"Hey look. Elsye is finally out of the shower." Lety said. They stopped what they're doing and look at me. I can hear the curly haired boy whisper something to his friend. I tried to figure out what he said but I couldn't quite hear. "Elsye we're just unpacking boxes. Mind helping?" I nod and start unpacking. I hear a door open and footsteps coming down the stairs. "Alright guys I'm back!" Everyone laughed at the way he said it. I joined in. 

"Well shouldn't we introduce ourselves first?" Niall said and everyone agreed. "Elsye this is Liam." He gestures over to where he was standing. "We've already met. We had a bit of a situation in the bathroom." I look over to Lety and give her a deadly stare. "Oh gosh I'm so sorry! Maybe you should take shorter showers." she looks at me and gigglesd. 

"Woah Liam! You saw her naked??" One of the boys asked. It was the curly haired one. "No! She was just in her towel. Don't freak." I started blushing again. "But I do know she has a cheetah bra on" I look at him realizing what he just said. Oh no! "Wooooo!" I hear the guys say.

"Alright let's get going!" Niall continues telling me "That over there is Harry. That's Louis and the quiet one over there is Zayn!" I give them all hugs and we get back to unpacking the boxes.

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