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18 year old Lety started working at a Costco near by her new house when she met this boy Niall. A lot of romance went on but was she ready for this? She soon met all of Niall's friends but that's when things got out of hand. Was it a mistake to meet the rest of the boys? Find out.. (Some dirty/sex scenes. Be careful!)


22. The Baby is Gone but He's Not

**Lety's P.O.V**

We spent the whole day at the mall trying to forget about what happened earlier today. We've had a lot of fun. There was lots of laughing and we had a blast but I could've sworn I saw Elsye looked a little scared at times. We were all at our own homes. Me and Elsye were at my, well now it's our, house. I was in my room with Niall and of course, Elsye was with Liam.

"Hey Niall.." I said trailing off. "Yeah baby?" He said while he took off his shirt. His body was perfect. I couldn't help but stare. I bit my lip so I wouldn't make any... well noises. "Haha baby what were you saying?" I got out of my trance as he spoke to me. "Huh oh yeah.. Didn't you think that Elsye looked a little worried sometimes?" I was fixing the bed so we can go to sleep. "Maybe she was just thinking about what had happened earlier today. I also heard her tell Liam that she has a doctor's appointment tomorrow."

I thought about it. I still couldn't think of a possible reason why she was like that. I was worried for her. When I would look at her, it would seem like she has seen a ghost. Or maybe worse?

"Come on babe. Calm down. Don't worry. Everything will be fine." he said and he kissed me on the neck. "Maybe we can make a baby of our own." he said and winked at me.

He lifted up my shirt and started kissing me. I pulled down my shirt and stopped him from getting any further. "Not tonight Niall. I'm not in the mood." His cute smile went away but then came back. He kissed me on the cheek "I don't want to rush you." he tucked a strand of my long wavy brown hair behind my ear. "I love you." he said and we fell asleep. 

~~Next Morning~~

**Elsye's P.O.V**

I woke up feeling like crap. I wanted to sleep more but I knew I had a doctor's appointment today. "Liam babe, wake up." I whispered in his ear and kissed his cheek. He opened his eyes and flashed a smile at me. "Morning Beautiful." His morning voice was deep and sexy. "Come on you have to get ready. You're coming to the doctor's with me."

We both washed up and headed out the door. It took us a while to get there but after a long car trip, we were there. We walked in and we were greeted by a nice looking lady who worked there. "Hello last name?" she asked me. "Sandoval." I said to her. She typed in my last name and looked for my appointment.

"Elsye?" "Yes that's me." I smiled at her and Liam put his arm around my waist. "Go down this hallway and it's the second door to the left." "Thank you!" with that, me and Liam went to the room to be greeted by my doctor.

"Morning Ms. Sandoval! Just take a seat and we'll begin with all the tests." I sat down on the patient chair and Liam grabbed a chair and sat down next to me. After I took all the tests, we waited patiently to hear the results. It seemed like ages until the doctor finally came back in.

"Well the resulsts are in. Blake is definitely the father. "We already knew that but we listened anyways, "but there is something that you might not like to hear." I didn't like those words. "The baby has passed away." I felt my heart sank and Liam held onto my hand.

**Lety's P.O.V**

"Niall wake up!" I yelled. I heard his footsteps and he fell to his face as he came down the stairs. "Ouch.." "Baby be careful! Don't run like that." I said helping him up. He looked like a little kid. He had the most innocent face on "I'm sowwy Lety." he gave me a hug. "Aww. Come on get ready. Elsye said she had something to tell us and she said to meet her at Starbucks."

He stopped hugging me but held onto my waist. "I'm on it." he kissed my nose and headed upstairs. "Don't trip." I said to him giggling. He laughed sarcastically and stuck his tongue out at me.

As soon as we both got ready, I got my car keys and we made our way to Starbucks. "I can't wait. I haven't been to or had Starbucks in a while!" Niall said jumping in his seat. "Calm down! You're like a little kid." I laughed and he stopped jumping.

"I may act like a little kid, but I'm not when I'm in bed." he winked at me and I felt myself blush. He looked away and yelled "WE'RE HERE!" We got out the car and went into the store. Niall ordered our drinks as I scanned the room for Liam and Elsye. "Niall they're over there." I grabbed my drink and we sat next to them.

I  looked at Liam who had a serious face on. Almost sad. I looked over at Elsye whose eyes were red and puffy from crying. "Guys what's going on?" Niall asked. It was a while until one of them answered us. "We lost the baby." Liam said letting out a few tears.

The words cut like knives. "So are you guys happy or sad?" It had been already too late to change my question. "Well I'm a little happy knowing that my next baby won't be Blake's but I'm extremely sad because I won't have a child. She cried into Liam's shoulder. I cried a little too and I could tell Niall was holding it in. 

"At least we can make another one that will be ours." Liam said smiling. We were all smiling. We talked for a while and we took our minds off things. "I like it like this." Liam said kissed Elsye softly on the lips. I smiled too and Niall turned to me and kissed me on the lips too.

"Grande Vanilla Bean for Blake is ready!" we all heard the lady say. We looked at each other and then saw Blake there with Shellsea. 

"Oh no." was all I heard Elsye whisper. I looked over at him and he was making eye contact with Elsye. Liam pulled her closer and started making out with her. Blake looked disgusted and he started walking towards us with Shellsea.

Niall got up and he looked furious. "What the hell do you want?" Blake looked back down at Elsye who had stopped kissing Liam. "That whore right there." Niall couldn't hold it in. He looked at me and said "Sorry." he punched Blake in the face.

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