<3 You've Got That One Thing <3

18 year old Lety started working at a Costco near by her new house when she met this boy Niall. A lot of romance went on but was she ready for this? She soon met all of Niall's friends but that's when things got out of hand. Was it a mistake to meet the rest of the boys? Find out.. (Some dirty/sex scenes. Be careful!)


17. He Still Loves Me

**Lety's P.O.V** 

I heard them talking but I couldn't quite figure out what they were saying. "What do you think they're talking about Harry?" I whisper nervously. I could feel myself starting to shake. I waited for his response but it seemed like forever. Finally he answered me.

"I think she's asking him to go watch a movie with her." he said. 

I tried to hold it in but a tear escaped from my eye. "Lety don't cry." He wiped the tears away and I pulled myself together. They started talking louder and I could actually hear them this time.

"So Niall.. what do you think? Do you want to go watch a movie with me?" She said in her most annoying voice ever. God I hated her voice it was so squeaky. I couldn't stand being in the same room as her. There was a moment of silence and all I could hear is Harry's breathing. I also felt it. We were sitting pretty close to each other. 

"I'm sorry," I heard Niall say, "but I have a girlfriend and I can't have her lose her trust in me. Even though I lost her trust." He whispered that last part as I heard him walk out. I peeked through the clothes and I saw Marilyne standing there, all alone, shocked. Her jaw almost touching the ground. I started to cry a little but these tears were both happy and sad tears. 

"Oh my god. He still loves me," Harry looked at me and he smiled, "I just wish he still trusted me." 

As soon as Marilyne left we both got out of the rack. "Finally. It was pretty hot in there. I was about to take off all my clothes!" Harry says winking and laughing. I just slapped his arm "Oh come on Harry." 

**Harry's P.O.V**

I can't believe Niall rejected Marilyne for Lety. He really does love her. It killed me to say that but it was true. I looked over at Lety. She was trying to look for Niall. She looked worried but happy at the same time. She was one weird girl but.. I loved her. I really did. 

"Lety he went that way." I pointed to my left and she gave me a quick hug. 

"Thank you Harry! I owe it all to you. Now excuse me, but I have to get my Nialler back. No matter what it takes." She took off and turned around to give me a smile. I didn't know whether to feel happy or sad. I was glad that she was happy but she loved Niall and not me. I have to change that.

What am I thinking!? I was the reason that they were fighting in the first place. Although she did come to me when they fought. We had a date! But Niall had ruined it. I'm going to try my best to make Lety mine. Whether it means a broken-hearted Niall or not. She will be mine. 

**Niall's P.O.V**

I just rejected Marilyne. I mean who wouldn't? She has the most annoying voice ever unlike Lety. Her voice is beautiful, even if she said it wasn't. It was. I really love her. I can't stay mad at her. I did kiss Marilyne a few days ago. I just can't take the fact that Harry kissed her. Why Harry?

"Niall!" someone yelled at me from behind.I turned around and saw Lety. I couldn't help but smile. 

"Niall I'm so sorry can you forgive me?" She was already in tears. "I love you too much to cheat on you and you know that. We've only been going out for a week but I wouldn't cheat on you EVER." I looked straight in her eyes which were red and puffy from crying. "I heard everything between you and Marilyne. Well most of it. I heard enough. I know you rejected her for me." 

"Wait. Where were you? I couldn't see you." My smile soon faded. 

"I was erm... hiding in the rack. I didn't want you to see me." She gave me a weak smile but I went with it. 

"Well I love you Lety. I can't stay mad at you but pinky promise me that you, or me, will not kiss anyone anymore!" I said holding out my pinky. She giggled and stared at my pinky. Soon we locked pinkies together. "I promise." she whispered. I went in and kissed her on the cheek. "Good now let's go to your house?" I asked.

"Sounds good!" We walked back to the car hand in hand. We got in and drove home.

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