<3 You've Got That One Thing <3

18 year old Lety started working at a Costco near by her new house when she met this boy Niall. A lot of romance went on but was she ready for this? She soon met all of Niall's friends but that's when things got out of hand. Was it a mistake to meet the rest of the boys? Find out.. (Some dirty/sex scenes. Be careful!)


10. Elsye is Here!

**Lety's P.O.V** 

"Ahh Elsye you're here!" I ran up to her and gave her a hug. "Wow you're house is so big!! You live here alone??" she kept looking at the house. "Yeah I do live alone but I have my boyfriend who's with me!" I laughed and pointed to Niall who was standing at the door. I could hear Elsye giggling. "He's cute!" "Niall come over here!" I see he's running over here. "Hi my name is Niall" he holds out his hand but Elsye goes in for a hug. 

"You're Irish? That's a bonus." she looks at me and nudges me. "Haha yes I know! He's the best!" he gives me a kiss on the cheek and I blushed. "Ooooh." "Oh come on, grow up! You're already 18!" she laughed and I started to help her bring her things inside. "So Niall.." she started and I thought to myself Oh no. "Do you have any friends? That look like you?" she looks at him smiling all weird. "Hey back off! He's mine." I laugh and he does too. I can tell he's a little nervous.

"Elsye go easy on him." She just smiles at me and walks off. "Mind if I stay a while? Like a long while?" She looks at me with puppy eyes. "Fine you can stay!" 

**Niall's P.O.V** 

"Hey Lety, the guys are here. I'll wait for them outside." he smiles and heads outside. I walk out and I see the car arrive. "We'reee hereeeeee Niiiaaaallllll!" I laughed. "Come park here!" I yell and they all get out the car. "So where's that smoking girl of yours?" Harry asks "Calm down. She's mine and not yours. Now guys she has a friend over-" I was interrupted by Harry "Is she hot? Does she look like Lety? How old is she??" "Harry calm your nuts down! She does look a little like her. Please don't make a fool out of yourselves." 

**Lety's P.O.V** 

"Elsye the guys are here!" I looked all over the house for her. She opens the bathroom door and peeks her head out. "Out of all the room in this house they make 3 rooms and 1 bathroom! That's insane. Anyways, I'm going to go in the shower." She pops her head back in. "The guys are here so if I were you, I'd hurry up." "Yeah yeah yeah whatev- wait what?? There are guys here?" She looked so worried. "Yes! 4 more came. Now hurry." 

Her eyes widened and she quickly went in. I knew she was going to take a while. She loved taking long showers for some reason. I heard a lot of laughter coming from downstairs. As I got there I noticed Louis was making everyone laugh. "Ahh there she is!" Niall said. They all turned around to me and stared. 

I looked down. I was very shy. Especially around 5 cute boys! "Would you guys want anything to drink?" They all looked at each other and nodded no. "I actually would like some tea. Please?" I looked at Louis and I smiled. "Coming right up!" I went to the kitchen and started making it. 

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