<3 You've Got That One Thing <3

18 year old Lety started working at a Costco near by her new house when she met this boy Niall. A lot of romance went on but was she ready for this? She soon met all of Niall's friends but that's when things got out of hand. Was it a mistake to meet the rest of the boys? Find out.. (Some dirty/sex scenes. Be careful!)


2. Costco

**Lety's P.O.V** 

I can't wait until I finally get there. I pull up to this house that what I believed was 2 floored. "There  it is!" I say to myself. I park the truck in my new driveway and I started unloading things. "Well it looks like the neighbors are very friendly here." I say to myself as I unload the last box into my house. I decided to take the truck back since I had enough time. 

When I came back I noticed it was barely 3:30 pm. I decided to walk over to Costco since I had no car and needed a job for some money. I walked up to the front of the store where I was greeted by an employee. "Hi! My name is Marilyne. How may I help you today?" she asked with the biggest smile on her face. She looked really pretty. She had long, curly blond hair. She wore neon pink lipstick which complimented her blue eyes.

"Yeah I'm just looking to apply for a job here." I tell her. "Right this way! Oh and what;s your name?" she asks "Lety." I tell her following her to an office. She walks in and walks back out with an application in her hand. "Here you go. Just fill it out, put it in this box, and you can start working here tomorrow!" "Tomorrow? I got the job? That easily? How?" I asked so confused. "Trust e, we need all the help we can get." she said to me as she pointed to a bench where I could sit. I walked over to it and started filling out the form. 

**Marilyne's P.O.V** 

Wow just look at her. She looks really great, even though her clothes are a little bit shabby. I mean come on, who wears a plain blue tee and black skinny jeans with a pair of converse. Horrible. But I might say, her face isn't too bad.. I stopped staring at her as she started making her way towards me. "I'll put them in the box for you honey! Here give me those papers. You can walk around to get to know the store since you'll be working here tomorrow." I tell her and she walks off. She turns back to me and says while smiling "Thank you!"

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