Anastasia is as normal as an orphan can be, except for one thing. She hates one direction. So when she hears the boys are coming to perform at her orpanage she will do any thing to sabotage their concert. But when the boys kidnap her and take her to London she warms up to them and finds love in a way no other orphan could. Mother Susan wants her back though and the police are coming thinking she's a murderer. Will here awful past and dark secret lead her to betrayal?

(Please note I am only 11 and have never written a story before.)


2. Plotting and Scheming

Anastasia's P.O.V

I woke up to blurry images around me.                                                                                                              

"I think she's dead" said one.

"I never liked her anyway"

"She's sorta chubby"

"Hey!" I managed to shout weakly sending the girls screaming down the hall leaving the dorm with just me. The last thing I remember is being told One Direction is coming to perform. I suddenly realized something

"Omg one direction is coming to perform! Wait I'm not excited, I need to sabotage it! Wait, what day is it??" I thought while frantically trying to stand up, but my legs were to weak and I fell on my face.

"Owwww" I exclaimed rubbing my face. I crawled as fast as I could to the calendar.

"They're coming tonight????" I panicked speaking a little too loudly. Mother Susan came in

"Good you're awake now get to your chores and since you stayed in bed all morning you get to do the out house."

"But I fainted and I'm not in my bed I'm on the floor." I moaned.

"Awww too bad" she said pulling a pouty face. And with that she left. I groaned and went off with the spray and rag. I always get to clean the out house Mother Susan just loves me doesn't she now. Well anyways I know it's weird but the out house seems to be my favourite place round here. I can be myself, talking about fears/ dreams and just be free, open, like the ocean I guess.

"What can I do to sabotage this concert?" I said to myself. Suddenly a light bulb flashed on in my head.

"I'll kidnap one of the boys!" I thought happy with my plan. But who??? I'd seen them on the girls posters and the girls always point them out and tell each other and me about them.

"I know I'll the blond one he'll be easy" I agreed with myself Anastasia you are a genius. - 2 hours later- I checked the clock, almost 4:45. They should be here, where are they????

"One direction, are they here?" It was Mother Susan. I lean into the door to listen better.

"Yes they are in the at the cemetery out the back." I didn't recognize the other persons voice

"Good no one's to know" whispered Mother Susan as the mans feet came towards the door. My heart started pounding I panicked and took off feet stomping on the ground. Mother Susan heard me

"Who was that! I will find you don't worry bout that" she screech in her high pitched voice. I turned around and poked my out when she was lost from sight. I laughed as I wandered towards the cemetery

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