Anastasia is as normal as an orphan can be, except for one thing. She hates one direction. So when she hears the boys are coming to perform at her orpanage she will do any thing to sabotage their concert. But when the boys kidnap her and take her to London she warms up to them and finds love in a way no other orphan could. Mother Susan wants her back though and the police are coming thinking she's a murderer. Will here awful past and dark secret lead her to betrayal?

(Please note I am only 11 and have never written a story before.)


3. Gone

Anastasia's P.O.V

We've had this cemetery for as long as I can remember, it's where all of the girls that don't make it to 20 in the orphanage go. My sister lays here. I sometimes get flashbacks of that night and melt down into tears but no one ever notices so I won't tell any one. I'm not vulnerable they can't think I'm vulnerable. The only other person that knows is Mother Susan but she wouldn't tell. It would be bad for business and she loves her money. I walked over to Gracie's grave and switched my stolen tulips with the dead ones in the vase. A tear ran down my check but I quickly wiped it away.

"Anastasia" I croaked

"You will not cry you are brave and fearless and-" I could hear someone behind me. I didn't need to turn around to know it was one of those nosey and disgusting boy. I got up and started to walk away so I could plan my kidnap differently when a husky voice said

"It's sweet of you, you know to plant those flowers"

"Why do you care? What do you even want?" I said menacingly as I turned around. A strong, handsome boy about 5'10 with light brown flattened hair, dazzling brown eyes and a cute tiny heart shaped freckle thing on his neck. I couldn't not stare at him and his beautiful eyes. He coughed suddenly and I looked away embarrassed, then i remembered he was in 1D, I hated him.

" Well?" I said trying to sound impatient.                                                                                                                                                             "Uh ummm......." He paused

"You ah.. shouldn't be afraid to cry it's normal to express your feelings."

I'm not afraid to cry" I snapped making him wince, I smiled to myself

"I just don't like showing my feelings , people will think I'm vulnerable"

Liam's P.O.V

The boys decided to have an eating contest in the van so I decided to go for a walk round the cemetery leaving a pouty faced Louis. It saddened me to see all those graves and think of all those little girls that didn't even make past 10years old. We were going to give back to the alive ones today though I grinned. All of a sudden I heard something.

"Anastasia ........" I realized I wasn't alone. There was a beautiful girl sitting beside a grave trying not to cry. I crept closer to this sad and croaky voice. I couldn't bear seeing her like this so I spoke up.

"It's sweet of you, you know to plant those flowers" Forcing a smile I looked up. At first I thought she couldn't hear me but she turned around.

"Why do you care? What do you even want?" she said harshly.

"What's her problem?" I thought. I turned to face her again and was mesmerized. She had brown wavyish hair that flowed perfectly down to her shoulders, her eyes were a deep shade of blue and I swear I could make out stars twinkling in her eyes. I caught her staring at me too. I coughed and looked around for the fake culprit blushing slightly.

"Well?" she said breaking the silence. I was lost for words.

Uh ummm" I stumbled 

"You ah.. shouldn't be afraid to cry it's completely normal to have feelings." I replied hoping to make sense.

"I'm not afraid to cry" she snapped, making me wince. I could she her cute dimples when she smirked. I scrambled to think of something mean to say and blocked all noises out. I gave and to my dismay, She was already gone. I looked at the grave with her tulips it read:

In Loving Memory Of

Gracie-Anne  Thorne

Dearly beloved sister and daughter of

Sister Anastasia Melborn Thorne

Mother ?????

There was nothing for mother.

"Anastasia" I smiled to myself saying her name over and over again.

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