Anastasia is as normal as an orphan can be, except for one thing. She hates one direction. So when she hears the boys are coming to perform at her orpanage she will do any thing to sabotage their concert. But when the boys kidnap her and take her to London she warms up to them and finds love in a way no other orphan could. Mother Susan wants her back though and the police are coming thinking she's a murderer. Will here awful past and dark secret lead her to betrayal?

(Please note I am only 11 and have never written a story before.)


4. Caught

Anastasia's P.O.V

"Stupid boy asking stupid questions nosey d@@k perving into my private life grrrr!" I muttered walking down the cemetery path. I was so angry I nearly bumped into Mother Susan who wasn't too happy to see me.
"You" she snarled angrily.
"Me?" I asked innocently looking around at the invisible people.
"Yes you," she almost shouted grabbing my ear and getting her whip in front of all the dead bodies. Then she did the one thing us orphans hate called 'The Death Penalty' cause some girls didn't even make it out alive and if you did you had a scar for life. Some girls commited suicide if they knew they had it coming. I almost got it once when I put maggots down our old mother, Mother Julie. Mother Susan had raised the whipp when Mother Julie said
" she's only a child Susan don't hurt her." Mother Susan paused and since the orphanage inspector was here she just whispered.
"I'll have you one day and then you'll be sorry." And with that she left to go flirt with the inspector. Mother Susan was right and she knew it as she raised the whip like a golf club and put a big grin on her face.
"Chin up" she screeched
" whatever you bag of bones" I teased. Mother Susan's face went bright red. It looked so hilarious that I burst into giggles. I was still laughing when she whacked my cheek. It felt like being slapped by a burning hot poker. I screamed and saw the boy with the dazzling eyes coming towards me.
"Anastasia" he yelled and started running. Mother Susan walked away cackling as tears streamed down my face. Right now I didn't care if I was crying it was so painful. The boy grabbed my hand and said
He held my waist to help me stay up anwd sparks flew through my body. I didn't care if he was in One Direction I think I loved him. I turned to face him while holding my burning cheek, it was all I could do not to whimper.
"I-i-i f-feel w-w-whoo-osy" I whispered and fainted in his arms not sure if I would wake up.

Liam's P.O.V

I couldn't stop thinking of her when I heard her voice.
"Whatever you bag of bones" she teased. I walked towards her and my face lit up. Her dimples looked so cute when she laughs. I suddenly noticed the lady with the whip. I started walking faster but I was too late, the whip went flying through the air and landed right on Anastasia's cheek. Her smile was replaced by a scream of pain.
"Anastasia!" I yelled and ran towards her as the lady left smirking. I was overcome with love for this girl.
"How could anyone do this?" I thought. Tears were falling making puddles underneath us. I grabbed her waist and she shuddered. She turned and I could see the night sky fade to a stormy ocean as her eyes filled up with tears and went red.
"I-i-i f-feel w-whoo-o-sy" she managed to whisper. She fell limp in my arms.
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