Anastasia is as normal as an orphan can be, except for one thing. She hates one direction. So when she hears the boys are coming to perform at her orpanage she will do any thing to sabotage their concert. But when the boys kidnap her and take her to London she warms up to them and finds love in a way no other orphan could. Mother Susan wants her back though and the police are coming thinking she's a murderer. Will here awful past and dark secret lead her to betrayal?

(Please note I am only 11 and have never written a story before.)


1. Comes round again

Anastasia's P.O.V 

"Anastasia get up RIGHT NOW!!!"Mother Susan screeched in my ear. I groaned watching her leave grumpily. I stretched and got up from my air bed (which is very uncomfortable may I add) and went to the tiny sink we all had to share. The line for it was humongous so I just left to start brushing my scruffy, shoulder length, brown, hair. 'Typical day at the orphanage' I muttered. We only had one pair of raggedy clothes to wear each so I didn't need to get dressed. The other girls always get to wear makeup because Mother Susan likes everyone but me. So I went into the mess hall eating my sloppy porridge to wait for the others. Soon enough the girls started piling in.

"Have you heard that one direction is in New Zealand, OUR country"

"Ekkkkk I know right"

These girls were getting on my nerves so bad that I splurted out, " No one f@@@n cares about one infection!!" They gasped and decided to give me the evil eye before walking away. I did mean what I said though, I just can't stand one direction. Thinking they're so cool with their four nipples and their meaningless lyrics they are a bunch of d-. My thoughts were stop by Mother Susan booming out

"Shut up littles orphans I have an announcement to make" she paused then said

"One direction is coming to perform for me, I mean us at the orphanage!!" My mouth fell to the floor while everyone started screaming with glee.

"And it's on tomorrow" Mother Susan yelled. As the screams got louder I started to feel a bit nauscious. Everything was spinning around and around and I felt my head hit the ground before falling into a black pit.

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