The story of my life

Amanda is going to school for cosmetics and hair styling and she gets a job to be one directions hair stylest and Amanda and Liam have a little thing going on while Amanda's sister Diana has a thing with Harry. Read to find out more.


1. Where it all starts

I was in class and my teacher asked to talk to me. I was scared to see what is was about.

"Amanda, I got you a job to be One Direction's hair stylist." he said.

My mouth dropped open. Tears came to my eyes. I screamed in joy. I have always dreamed about this day. And it actually happened. I have him a really big hug and jumped around like child.

"Thank You so much I am so excited. When do I start? What do I wear? How should I wear my hair? Please help me, give me some tips in begging you!" I cried

"Just be yourself, they will love you for you" he explained

"Okay, thanks so much I really appreciate it" I said excitedly.

"You start tomorrow at 9:00 at the studio." he explained seriously.

"I'll be there" I promised

I waled away with the biggest smile on my face. As I pulled up to the house I shut off the car and ran to the door. 

"DIANA!!" I screamed

"What?" She said curiously.

"I am One Directions new hair stylist!!!"I said excitedly

"NO WAY!" she said.

"Yes way!" I replied.

She gave me a big hug and she started to talk to me about how she wants to meet them so bad and how she is gonna marry Harry. She has been obsessing over them for the past year. But I'm not sure if I'm that excited. Should I be? I mean there cute but what if they don't like the way I cut hair. Or they think I'm ugly. Well I guess we will see tomorrow. I am really tired and I think I'm gonna get to bed.

Authors Note: Please give me tips on if its good or not or if i should add or change things and some ideas for the next chapter. Maybe you'll be the lucky winner :D 


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