No such thing as love

This story is a boy meets girl story.

Allison Dearly, a girl who writes songs and sings, never believed in love. She spends her days doing other things. She met Niall Desagram at her work, when she remembers the past, where Niall saved her life and even had a huge crush on her. She has many secrets being only twenty one, and she has vowed never to fall for anyone.

Niall Desagram was a boy who was a hopeless romantic. He was always looking for 'the one'. When they were younger, Niall saved Allison's life because he thought she was it. She told him one day she would repay him, so he spent those eleven years finding her and trying to spark the memory. He vowed to one day get her to love him.

You should be warned up front that this is not a love story.


2. Prolouge (The first favor)

Allison's pov

I woke up to the sound of ringing. Another marrige. I live right by a church and I would love it if one thing- I believed in love. Most people who are ten are falling in love with boys. But I- no I am normal. 'Falling in love' won't happen. I felt the warm summer sunshine on my skin. I have to move before school starts. Great. Leaving my friends. I walked around outside. Playing soccer, I kicked the ball to the roof. I quickly picked myself up and crawled on top. I was startled by a boy I've never seen before. "What are you doing up there?!" He asked. He was my age. "Getting my soccer ball!" I yelled. I was now standing to get a clearer view of the boy. "You're going to get hurt!" He said. "I'm fine!" I yelled angrily. I threw the soccer ball down. "See?! I'm not hurt! I'm coming down now-" I was disrupted by a breaking panel. I slipped and started sliding down the roof. I screamed as I became closer to the edge. Did I mention it was a three story building? I came closer until I fell. I was going to die. I braced for impact. I will die with dignity. I closed my eyes and waited to get hurt. I waited. And waited. When it didn't come, I opened my eyes to see the boy. He had dark brown hair and blue eyes. "Are you ok?!" He asked. He quickly smiled realizing what I just did. "Told you so." He said, putting me down. He held his hand out. "My name is Niall Desagram. I just moved here." He said. Instead of shaking his hand, I pulled him in for a hug. "My name is Allison. I will repay you for saving my life. Anything. I am moving away in a month though." I said, letting go. "How about... Five things." He said. I am only here for a month. "Sure." I said. "You spend every day with me for this month." He said, grabbing my hand. "That is favor one." He rushed me to the park. "So tell me more about yourself!" He said. "Well..." I started telling him about how I love music, my friends, where I'm moving, my life.

I found myself and him at dark. "I have to go. See you tomorrow." I said, running off. I wave bye at him. Of course, like the promise, I spent everyday to the last day with him. At the airport, we said good-bye. He was my best friend. Over eleven years, we lost connection, and we didn't speak. A month with someone could change your life. Of course, I forgot about him and got on with my life. No use moping about what could of been, or your old best friend. I have to keep moving forward and accomplish what I can. I got a job at a court house at my town. I made a good thousand dollars every month. We met in July. I hated July for some reason and I didn't know why. I just prayed every day in July that I'd wake up in August. Every thirty first, that wish came true. One day I woke up to something that would change my life- again.

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