No such thing as love

This story is a boy meets girl story.

Allison Dearly, a girl who writes songs and sings, never believed in love. She spends her days doing other things. She met Niall Desagram at her work, when she remembers the past, where Niall saved her life and even had a huge crush on her. She has many secrets being only twenty one, and she has vowed never to fall for anyone.

Niall Desagram was a boy who was a hopeless romantic. He was always looking for 'the one'. When they were younger, Niall saved Allison's life because he thought she was it. She told him one day she would repay him, so he spent those eleven years finding her and trying to spark the memory. He vowed to one day get her to love him.

You should be warned up front that this is not a love story.


3. Faith

I walked out of the airport looking in the mirror. These years have been hard since Allison moved. I brushed my brown hair out of my face, and looked into my blue eyes. I smiled. I have been searching for her. She said she was moving to Hollywood. I got a taxi. I soon would have to meet her. I was moving here. I couldn't earlier because I was busy with school and the bakery. I was getting a job here, in the mystery inc. An office. I looked around, and ran into the building. It was my first door. This was one of the live in jobs. "Hello everyone" I happily said. They looked at me. I didn't see anyone I knew. I ran up to my room. I was energetic, yes. Looking around, I roamed around the building. What Allison didn't know, was that I was in love with her. She was beautiful, inside an out. No one can deny that.

I stared around the place and in every booth. The boys and girls all said "hi" With a smile. I was excited. Maybe I'd forget about Allison. Maybe she'd be part of the past. But I still want those four favors. Soon, I came across my booth. A girl came to welcome me. She had long blonde hair and green eyes. "hi." She said, waving. "Hello." I said, waving back. "I'm here to greet you." She said, showing me how to work the electronics. I nodded and listened. She got up to leave. "If you need me, I'm stall number 343" She said. "Your name?" I asked. "Allison Dearly." She answered. My eyes flew open. "Mines Niall." I said simply.

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