Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


9. you win some yu lose some

jNiall's P.O.V

all i heard was screamig i didn't know what they were saying i hope it wasn't about me all i know is he said no and ran i guess he really likes her

"sorry niall he is so protctive over me sometimes he will be ok with it but we still have a mission to complete

"it's ok babe i know how it is liam is protective over me aswell i told him i was askig u out tonight anyways he thinks i will fall inlove and get hurt

"i won't hurt u i promise i have been hurt so many times but anyways the mssion is to get jojo and shalia together

"ok and how do i help

"go to shalia i would have u talk to jojo but i don't think now is the right time"

"ok what do i say"

"just tell her to get dressed in something a bit fancy not to fancy just maybe some sandels a pretty shirt and some shorts or something tel her to curl her hair and a little makeup i know what jojo like he likes curly hair and not to much make up and he HATES when a girl wears high heels so go tell her"

"ok pretty shrt short sandles curl hair and i little makeup"


"hey shalia"

"hey niall is there something you need'

"not my words jaydas she said to go curl your hair put a bit of makeup on not to much look a little dressy but not to much like shorts a pretty shirt and some sandels NO HEELS"


"she didn't tell me"

"it's like 8 it's getting dark"

"please just do it"

"ok ok i will i would like to know y though"

Jayda's P.O.V

"he jojo what r u doin"

"nothing y"

"u got ay plans tonight"

"no y"

"get dressed but a bit wait u can't do it your self let me pick out what u wear tonight"

"y were im i going"

"i wil let u kow in a second"



"ok ok"

"ok wear this tee shirt with his jacket and these black pants and these vans"

"i look like niall ike this is something he would were"

"it does doesn't it oh well u look nothing lke him to u will be ok"

"now where will i be going"

"first fave food drink and saide food"

"ok um turkey sandwich potato salad and water"

"ok perefct"

jayda knew that was some of shalias favorites too

"where am i going"

"hang on someone is knocking on the door"


"yes niall"

"i did my part"

"ok i need u to run out and get somethign for me"

"yeah sure what"

"um jojo u to another room"



"i'm leaving chill'

"thats what i thought"

"what do u need"

"ok u need to go to a deli or something and get turkey sandwishes it does matter what is on it potato salad and sme water"

"ok i can do that see u in a bit love you"

"love you HURRY"

"i am going now'

"oh wait and a blanket and picnic basket"


"look jayda im getting ready nicly and i would like to know what im doing and is u r setting me up with someone besides shalia im not going"

"i would never set u up with someone besides shalia"

"thank you know where am i going"

"i will be right back'


"don't worry"

Shalia's P.O.V

"hey sha u ready yet'

"yeah putting my shoes on now"

"let me see u"


"thanks where r we going"

"we aren't going anywhere don't scream but jojo likes u,u like him i didn't want u guys to feel alone so jojo is takin u on a picnic in aboit 10 minutes be ready by 8:50 it will take u guys about 10 minutes u r going to a park it is a clear night so no rain"

"slow down back up jojo likes me"

"he does"

"does he know he is taking me out"

"not yet im telling him right now"

"oh ok"

"and by the way i thought this was sweet so i will tell u what he said"

"what'd he say"

"he was asking where he was goingcause he was dressed up and he said if it was a date with someone besides u he wouldn't go"

"awhh really"

"exact words"

'ok well y do i have to wait 10 minutes if he is ready"

"i sent niall out to get some food and stuff imma go tell jj what he is doing cause he doesn't know and niall should be back very soon"

"oh ok well i am going to stay here until u call me down"


jayda's P.O.V

"hey im home"

"ok good"

"i got u something"

"awhh u did what is it"


"they r beauiful niall"

"i also had a idea"

"yes what is it"

"i got these flowers to ake this a bit more like a real date jojo is going to have these other flowers i got he will knock on the door she will open it and he will take her out"

(do remember they r at the apartments of jayda shalia and jojo niall jayda and jojo r at his apartment the guys aren't there they r out nd shalia is at her and jaydas apartment)

"ok well he would have to go upstairs lift is out but let me tell him what he is going to do and let me tell her what to do"

"k no u just do let jojo know what is going on i will tell shalia"

"ok...wait did u just call him jojo u always call him johntahn is it jojo know"

"i guess i am warming upt ot him now haha"

"wow ok im col with that"

"hey jojo i cantell u know"

"yes oh where am i going"

"here u giving these flowers to shalia and u and her are going on a date a picnic here is the basket u will go upstairs knock give her the flowers and go to the park the close one 10 minutes away u will act like this is the first time u ever met her she knows what is going on aswell but she does't know u have flowers and she does know u will kiss u ON THE LIPS goodnight and then i will talk to her the next date will be tomorrow u will aks her out"

"wait im i am going on a DATE......with shalia"

"indeed my friend let me go tell her niall is going to come one down here be nce to him please jojo oh by the way he called u joj he is REALLY trying to be a friend"

"ok i will try"

"thank you"

Jayda's P.O.V

"ok niall u go on down to jojo's apartment i need to talk to shalia i will text u when u can come back up and we can FINALLY meet up with the guys"

"ok babe i going oh remember to text jojo when u r ready for him"


"ok jayda im scared what if i act werid"

"he dosn't ike normal hun"

"i kow i know"

Niall's P.O.V

finally me and jojo can just talk until she texts him

"hey jojo jayda said she will be texting u when u can come down"

"oh don't u hey jojo me little boy"

"uhm excuse me'

"u heard me"

'yes i know i heard u i mean what r u talking i just want to be friends"

"oh yeah sure u do niall i know u using jayda for fame  she has been through so much it isn't even funny ok so niall look i am going to be out for a while with shalia ok and u and jayda will be together alone and if u dare to even-"

"ok ok ok wait one i would never use a girl EVER i love her ok i would never take advanged of her hit her or even make fun of her for what sh has bee through"

"no u don't hit her u don't even touch her u did once not again ok got it little boy"

"last i checked im ot a little boy and u aren't to say if i touch her or not she can decide that herself and so far she is fie with it"

"whatever she is just a little girl she can't make descions"

"hey hey hey no u NEVER EVER talk to her or about her like that or any lady if u say anything like that to shalia i swear i WILL track u down if it is the last thing i do in my life time

jojos phon buzzed it was jayda telling him to come

"whatever sure u will little boy jayda really needs a real guy not a boy and if u dare tell jayda about this ittle chat"

Jojo's P.O.V

jojo thinks to him self he HATES niall soo much he is good for nothing but using her thats hwta famous guys do he should't be famous

knockes at the down shalia answers and he gives her the flowers

"u look beautiful shalia"

"thanks u look good too"

"let's go"

Jayda's P.O.V

texts "hey niall come one down"

"ok coming"


"hey u want to just stay here"

"sure babe i'll text liam to tell the guys'

"k thanks nialler"

"let's watch a movie"

"ok what"

"i don't care'

"toy story"

"haha ok sure"

"i feel like liam shalia was always saying liam is such a big toy story fan"

"he really is it is a bit scary sometimes"

"im frezzing"

"me too"

goes up to him and wraps her arms around his waist

"what is wrong with u it's like u won't touch me at all"

'oh uhm sorry i was just........daydreaming"

"niall u don't have to lie i know what jjo said to u he really lives right down there he isn't quiet enough i don't know if shlia herad anything i hope she didn't or she is going to HATE me u and jojo forever she will really move out"

"so u heard everything"

"i did thanks jojo thinksim like 5 all the time just cause i lived on the streets for a bit"

"i don't think u shold be friends with him if he is like that"

"i don't want to but i kinda owe him one or two for helping me out"

"i know but i think u have done alot for him u se him up with shalia and u help him ay rent too on top of your and shalia"

"i know maybe your right i think i need to get him otu of my life"

"i think u do oo and don't think i am saying this cause i do't want u t have any guyfriends because i do if that was the case i would quick 1D"

"oh i know don't worry and by the way i don't think u r a little boy"

"haha thanks love"

"i just think itis time to move on but i don't want to oose shalia"

"maybe u won't u never know what is going to happen"

jayda's ohoen rang it was never say never by bieber

"ahhh u r a bieber fan"

"yepp that's shalias rngtone what does she want"

"i am too i screamed when i met him but we r cool now we talk otp and stuff what does hsalia want"

"she said that all jojo is talking about is how he hated niall so much"

'i thought so"

"well she said to lease come get her she is getting tired of this already"

"i will go get her"

"no let me come to what if he hits u or something"

"he will be making a mistake then"

Niall's P.O.V

he makes me so mad all i want is forever one to be happy but no he desn't want that i am takng care of this now i would take jayd if i was 100% psitive he won't hit me but im not sure he might he might not

"i wil be back in a bit"

"ok love you bye"


"hey shalia come on i got the message well jayda did i am here to pick u up"

"thanks niall"

"whoa wait where r u going we r on a date shaliau aren't going home"

"yeah  i am i am tired of hearing how much u hate niall mostly when he is aa great guy no one should hate"

"no u don't understand i have a reason to hate him"

'what is the reason"

"he is using  jayda"

"can u prove it"

"well uhm uh

"can u"

"well no but i can tell"

"i won't use her johnathan for the last i found my princess i have been waiting for for a long time i always the girl i fall inlove with is my princess jayda is my princess"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah u may think she is your princess but i know what she is thinking and u are not her prince"


"jayda i told u stay home how did u get back there"

"i jumped in when i told u i had to get something out of the car"

"nice one but get in the car"

"no noway"

"get in the car jayda"


"uhm u will isten to me little one"

"HEY u don't talk to her like that'

"oh but i do"

"jayda come here please"

"what shalia"

whispers"i texted liam to come i told him what is happening he said he is very close to where we r onlylike a mile he will be here n like 2 minutes"

"ok good one"

"NO U DON'T"  

"hey look i can do this too"

slaps shalia in the fce an punches on the arm leaving a HUGE brusie and a red mark on the face they r also bleeding a bit cause jojo had a ring on his ring and it cut them right in time to see liam pulls up on the park with the guys as soon as he does that

"oh look it's old one direction of course"

"iam y r u guys here"

"shalia texted me to come like 2 inutes ago"



"look liam u say with him and zayn is staying harry and me r taking the girls to the hospital the cuts look a bit deep plus they can have a D.N.I scan and arrest him for that"




"wha is wrong with u man u r so sick in the head"

"oh look mr quiet zayn is really speaking im soo amazed"

"ok thats it"

goes to punch him but liamm holds him back



"yeah liam let him go let's see just how much he really hates me"

Louie's P.O.V

"r u guys ok"

"i think soi it hurt though"

"i'd think so but don't touch it they can do a dni scan thing and he will be arrested"

"ok louie can i tell u a secret"

"yeah what is it'

"as y seen i have worepants and long sleeves eeryday for a week that u guys seen me "

"yeah and"

"i have went through thiswith jojo since i was 17 jojo and his long time girlfriend broke up so we started to drink so went he was drunk he hit me and he did the same to shalia he drinks all the time and hits us the next morning we would show him and we has just like oh well so from 17 til now if we hung out like not in work or out somewhere if he got a little bit mad over any little thing like we were out of his favorite chips or something he would hit us"


"i did't want a fight a bit late for that now though shalia has only been hit by him about 3 times counting this time because she works t night abd we don't hang out all three of us together but only 2 times"

"still yet u should have said something"

"i know i'm sorry"

"shh it's ok come on we r at the hospital"

"ok and lou"



"y what'd i do"

"just for being there for me"

"oh no prab Jay"

"jayda and shalia"

"thats u"

"aren't u comin"

"do u want me to"

"yeah kinda"

"ok come on harry"

"so what is the problem jayda"

"my ex bestfriend pucnched me on my arm just to abuse me and it is bleeding and the cut is a bit deep"

"oh yes i see a do believe u will need stitches what r these other things'

"he abuses me almost daliy only htting though"

"can u do a like a D.N.A scan just to prove it's hit she hasn't touched it"

"well i would say no but a short red hair is in the wound if it is his yes if not no and i can see your's shalia u will not need stiches but we will need to put this on it it looks like what ever cut  u r alleric to"

"it was gold im alleric to gold"

"ok let me just get this hair and i will be back"

"well atleast u done have any bones broke or anything broke"

"i do have on thing broke"

"what do i need to call the doctor"

"no no harry"

"then what is it"

"y heart it's broken i can't believe it i know he hit me before but it's like i never got it through my brain he is abusing me know tat niall was there i got it he was a women abuser"

"awh it's ok love things will be ok sometimes u have to lose some friends to gain some more

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