Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


15. THE DAYYY!!!!!!


jayda p.o.v

i was awake i didin't know what time it was though but i wasn't in my bed in th hotel i knew it didn't feel right but where was i i didn't want to open my eyes because i am guessing the window was open cause i heard rain but not hard just medium but then i hear someone it sounded like brisen nd chandra cause the boy said the window is open they must be in there and the girl said i hope so i know she and got up at like 4am her phone rang like a text where was i i felt around to see where i was at then beside me on my left i felt face face and hair NIALL i fell asleep and niall was with me but i felt someone call my and nialls name but i didn't want to wake up or open my eyesso i will just pretend to be sleep


"found them if she got up and left like u said shalia they must have came out here before they came back"


"WHA-woah what happened last night"

"we r guessing u fell asleep last night out herr shalia said sh eheard jayda get up at 4am and u must have came out here"

"no waiti remeber niall it was 4am and u said u couldn't sleep i wasn't asleep either and u text me ad said meet u down stairs in the lobby and we talked u said u had to go get something out of the bus and i was waiting i didn't go on up caus i forgot my key so u said u would let me walk through your room to my room and it started rain so i was like im not going to cause the busses are behind the hotel and there is no door there so u said lets wait for it to let off and it didn't so we had to fell asleep out here"

"yeah what time is it"


"ok guys u have slept for 30 minutes u need to go get ready i heard u talking at dinner and u said u r supposed to wake up the guys so i did"

"thanks mate"

Niall p.o.v

i know the guys r going to make a big deal out of this mostly cause i was already exept i had no shirt on but jayda wasn't ready ATALL"


"ohhhhh what happened guys"

"nothing louie"


"HARRY LOUIS nothing"

"oh someone is in a mood tody jayda"

"No harry i just hate when people do that like really listen the first time okay,okay and we won't have a problem"

"haha harry u got told hurry love muah"

"i can try haha muah"

Jayda's p.o.v

"JAYDA i was getting worried about u and niall we had no idea where u were"

"sorry sha i should have left a note but i didn't know or think i would fall asleep but i did plus i haven't had no more than 30 minutes of sleep iknow i usely don't get anymore than a hour or so every other night but still i was in my bed now here and not even here in a bus"

"it's okay we all do it sometimes"

"well i think i need to get ready since everyone else is almost done"

----20 minutes later----

"woah that was fast i'm not even done with my makeup and i was dressed and hair done before u"

"well it isn't like they have a show or interview later"

"yeah but paps we will eat before we go or as we r leaving and they willsee us do u want your irst picture with niall trying to hind looking like gross not that u look it but i bit more done up"

"uhhhh ur deff right let me put makeup on and i will scrunch my hair"

"ok thank u u have like 10 minutes HURRRY"

"i am"

--about 7 miutes later--

"tht was really fast jayda haha"

"i know and 3 minutes to kill too i uses zayn hair drye it is like realllly fast it would have took me like 10 more minute with our hair dryer"

"i know i need that hair dryer"

"r u guys ready cause everyone but zayn is he is fixing his hair"

"yeah liam we r ready it is a sad day when i had 30 minutes to get read and i took 27 but he has had a hour and he is using every second"

"i know thats zayn though u will get use to it""

"well where r we going to"

"kansas city"



"and u r driving all the way there"

"WE r love"

"Niall did u know this"

"well i would hope i know where i mean i am in the band"

"come on jayda u will just have to learn to drive it i mean they will be off the tour on august 9 u can last that long it is already june 12 anyways...(I don't really know where they were then sorry i don't)

"ughh do u have a copy of the places u r going"

"yeah uhh here it is"

"what after this texas then flordia then utah OMG"

"only until august 9 in north america"

"ok ok wait what do u mean in north america"

"well then austrailia on septemeber 11"


"then new zenland by october 10"


"haha double what"

"haha yeah but really WHAT"

"u will get use to it and we will too even we haven't yet"

"i better"

"we better go it is 7"


"ok daddy direction"

"daddy direction??"

""do yes jayda daddy direction that is liam cause he is serious most the time"

"do all you guys have nicknames"

"yeah liam is daddy direction louie is boo bear casue his mum gave him that name harry is hazza cause louie and im nialler cause i am"

"what about zayn"

"he doesn't have on really people just call im zayn but is VERY vein"

"i can tell he looks in the mirror a billion times a day worse than a girl"

"i know do u guys have any nicknames"

"yes jay me sha shalia chandra is zebra but instead on the e sounding like a e it sounds like a a so zabra cause that is how she says it watch CHANDRA say zebra"


"see and brisen is woody"

"y and y is sh

"he loves toy story woody is his favorite after he watches it he talks like him"

"oh ok he would get along well with liam he loves toy story aswell woody"

"haha ill tell him"

"yeah well bye for like a hour cause we r going to stop and eat then but if u r hungry like i am NOW or thirsty u have snacks and water on the bus"

"haha ok thanks bye love u and please watch over brisen a little casue he isn't the perfect guy he gets in fights sometimes so if anyone disses u on the interweb please try to not let him see he has anger probs sometime not ALOT more rare but still"

"ok got it he won't get outta hand trust me""

"ok i'm trusting u on this but if u screw this up louie if took off your bus o ours and so is brisen and i know louie won't mind we do have 5 beds anyways"

"ohhh ok u r dead serious"


"coming bye love u"

"love u

--girls bus--


"I KNOW u have to come meet the driver he is AWESOME SO FUNNY"

"uhm ok"




"Adam ur r jayda right"

""Yepp datin nialler"

have a good guy

"haha yeah i know wait until u mean my sisiter bf though his name is brisen"

"ok i will when we eat"

"how old r u adam"


"and u r doing this"

"there driver damon is my friend i told him i would drive for him if he ever got sick or anything and i have met the boys a few times"

"ohh ok"

"well go on girls do what u want go crazy i don't care"

"haha ok girl u readddyy i know u know this song"

--plays roll with me but cj holland featuring alex consancio and benji--



chandra takes benjis part shalias take cj's part and jayda takes alex's part they all are VERY good singers and jayda didn't want to let niall know she plays guitar so she packed it secretly and played it in tune with the music

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