Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


29. Partying and a new house

Jaydas p.o.v

i can't believe i am doing this right now i guess it hasn't had time to soak in i am getting amrried at 20 years old to a international popstar and his 4 bandmates are my bestfriends and that it hasn't even been a year together and he asked when i was going to live over something i hardly rmeber and and demi lovato and justin bieber also both international popstars are two close friends when just 10 months ago all i was doing was listening to them and thinking what ifi did meet them what if they were my friends what if they just walked in right now what if they were my friends but now that is what it is i am doing interviews not only about being with niall and traveling with him everywhere but also with my youtube channel and people watching me all over the world on a maybe i thought alot about this.......but lets not forget my bestfriend and sisters and brother and mother i havent talked to her for about 8 years then i get to see her and i haven't seen gage and chandra in 5 years and now i see them more then ever and chandra even comes with me and shalia also she gets to do this all with me it is just perfect


"WHAT what"

"come on we are here we need to blindfold you cause you should be suprised caue you don't know what it looks like at all yet'

"oh ok sorry sha i was just you think...maybe.....we are rushing this what we have i mean not even year and he asked"

"jayda this is your wedding my only opinion if i know you i know you are ready for anything that love life marriage everyday life brings you and if there was a custest and most ruthful and down to earth and loving and caring and role model coule award i know you would win"

"okay im ready for this i know it put the blindfold on and take me through the gate it will be easier then the house"

"okay can you see anything"


"okay lets go let me have your hand so you don't you know fall and die"

"well ok then"

"just sayin"

"ok 3-2-1 take it off"


"awh its beautiful"

"it better be we...well louie and zayna nd liam worked ery hard on this"

"well what did you and harry do"

"make the food"

"ok i can believe harrys cooked but niall you don't cook"

"i do though i mean not like harry but you know"

"believe it honey niall does cook when he really likes someone or when he was in trouble adn made me and his father dinner to make up for it"

"haha niall when we get a home and are there you are in trouble"


"niall son just go eat you know your mum would bring that up sometime"

"yeah i know"

"ok people listen up"

"oh go shalia and her clipboard'

"i know you hate my clipboard but you have tp follow something"

"i know  you've said it before"

"and i will say it again ok everyone has a hour to eat and then we will go  over here to open the presents over at the white table to your right jayda nial you have a hour or less to do that then we have my games i set up proudly ofourse the classic tissue paper edding dress and then one of jaday and nialls favorite game pin hole if you don't know what that is then two boards are placed a distances away head to head and you try to get a bing bag in hole you and your partener then if you do 3 points in not 0 point if it ets on the board then 1 point most points win and you play until one team get 25 pointsafter this you are free t get cake"

"ok sure we will try lets go eat"

(done eating)

"10 more mnutes to eat"



"shalia may be small and have a little voice but people really obey her"

"i know but with her being so small i guess it is scarry sh will come after you"

(starts crying)

"Jadya are you okay i mean i didn't mean to make fun of here i was joking"

"haha no niall not that it's just sinking in now"

(remember the rest of the band is sitting there too expect harry)

"Jayda are you ok whats wrong"

"yeah yo ok love"

"im fine guys just happy tears it just sinked in i am getting married to he best person in the world"

"Jayda are yu sure you are ready for this i know you can be but are you i mean i know it asn't been a year yet...uhh i should have let you go nd clear your mind i shouldn't have asked i am rushing jayda im sorry"

"nononononono niall you aren't rushing things maybe for otherpeople yu are but to me your not rushing things bu t for me you arent if you didn't aask i don't know if i wold be here and i don't mean just with you i mean alive if you didn't look out for me and be there for me i don't think i would have been here 10 months ago"

"jayda i must say this has been the best 10 months of my life"

"well niall i thought you were happy in one direction"

"no lou i mean better i loved my life then but now even more"


"ok Jayda we should go but i believe in you  i believe in love i believe in what we have i believe in us"

"thank you i believe in us too and lets go open presnts"


"ok so before we start you guys didn't have to get any of this"


"woah i think justin is a little agresssive"


"ok here"

"ok this is from my mom"

"300 dollars towels and rugs aand other bathroom stuff thank you mom'


"okay justins oh god"

"ok we have tickets for us to go to his concert and it says open the othe box with the hole in it don't shake please or elese the gift is pointless"

"ok here"

"oh my god"

"what is it"

"look justin y"

"cause you like them"

"well yeah"

"what is it"

"liam you will likr it it is s mini trutle"

"awhh also in a ater tank already"


"i love it"

"well uhm thanks justin lovely house warming gift"

"uhm hold on justin"

yeah demi"

"i am very mad at you"

"welll y'

"you will see when they open my gift"

"uhm demi y is your ift moving"

"wll open it"



"well i do love animal"

"what you got another animal"

"yeah but its a hamster"

"ok wait this is also my wedding and house things there are no more animals right"

"npe no more"


"oh niall there if stuff for your house too"

"oh good"

(after the presents shalia said they had a surprise to show both jayda and niall)

"ok jayda yu ecord everything like everything you havea  recording of you and niall everyday atleasy"


"ok well we put this together for you and niall"


it was a video of all the times good times and bad time and hard times the gone had the time the were in the van when they picked them up then to there first date to asking to date her all the way to when they woke up this morning

"crying awh guys that is the best you are the best"

even niall was a little teary

"jayda this shows we can get through everything and anything"

"i know"

"ok well you will get that back and now we are gong to play games"

(done with games jayda and the girls won the pin hole and stuff and eat cake)

"ok now the nigt if almost oer but we want to know if you and niall would like to sing you know cause zayn liam louie harry and shalia and chandra are singing at your wedding"


"ok i will sing little things you can sing yoru song you are selling to sleeping with sirens and we can both sing a team"

"ok first you then oth then me"

"ok"(nialls sings)


"ok now i know you may not have heard me sing but here is your chance i now nialls mom and dada nad brother havent"

"sings with niall"


"now i will give jayda here room and she ca sing he song"

"ok it doesn't have a name though by the way"


"ok well it is 12am i think we shoud be getting back"


(in there room)

"nial look at all this stuff i think we should have got a house well flat to you before we just had a party"

"ii know i am sure there are some flats around here or do you want to live in america"

"no i want to live here i mean we would be here to much though"

"i know but ok we will go out tomorrow amd look"


"wll good night loe you but feed your animals"

"oh i names them i had to name the turtle liam i souldn't help mysel and the hamster is a girl and her name is lola"

"ok good night liam lola ayda love you all"

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