Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


11. Oh joy telling fans and Hazza's date

Harry's p.o.v

i wish they wouldn't know i never get nervous around girls im so smooth but shalia she is just she's special her name rings in my hear everytime i hear it Shalia and that so called man of johnathan didn't deserve her NEVER she should never go though this or jayda no one

"it's nothing"

"come on harry we al know mate just say it i swear we wou]n't tell the guys or shalia o=if u don't want use to"

"uhhhh fine i'm inlove with shalia okay is that what u wanted"

Jayda's p.o.v

"yepp thanks u gotta take her out atleast as a friend tonight"



"if u haven't noticed it's 12:32am here and u think she will want to go out tonight"

"YESSSS she is a night owl if she isn't out or getting ready to go out"

"i don't know jayda i know what u r doing but FANNNSSSS"

"Harry and i know what u r thinking but trust me shalia will like u she already told me she thinks u r super sweet and honest and she already thought u were cute but she didn't want to date u becasue she did't want to get in the way oh u and your fans"

"mate me and jayda had talked already and we r having a twitcam tell everyone tonight if u and shalia get back while we r o twitcam u can tell them sure they will get a bit of hate but everyone does even us it hurts but it is only them we have millions of others that love us and girlfriends we have u know how many people say louie and eleanor are soo cute together"

"i know niall jayda maybe u r right yeah i'll take her out only friends tonight but where"

"only her favorrite place ever ice skating u know how right"

"kinda but she hasn't ate"

'she like anything italian or pizza"

"i think i'll go with italian where at though i little fancy"

"antoinio's 1 mile away better part of town and u might want to go to the ice rank there it is acrossed from it the one here u have to worry about getting mugged"


"yeah niall"

"i think we should get a hotel for the rest of the week and a half"


"i don't like it here i'm scared"

"if u r with me u don't have to worry- HARRY SLOW THE CAR DOWN HURRY"




"uhm jayda babe who is this"

"yeah really"

"oh sorry harry and niall cracker this is my boyfriend niall and his bamd mate/friend harry"

"hey i know them from somewhere they were on a maganzie i stole"

"yeah they r in the band one direction they r super stars"

"WHOA jay bird this is great i was goin to jump them haha\

"Haha nooooo but niall harry this is my like brother on the streets i thought he was in jail what happened"

"got out i called my mom she got me out"

"i thought your mom was in a house now"

"no no on the streets she is waiting on me to help her get some cash"

"oh cool well niall no threat i told u"

"so who was the guy picking u up at 16 i have been looking for him forever"

"jail haha u rememebr shalia right like 3 years ago"

"yeah she is fiiiiinn-"

"harry likes her"

"oh sorry"

"it's okay"

"so anywasy her and harry will be going out soo but htey guy that picked me up he and shalia went on a date casue they liked each other but he beat us a bit he is in jail i got stitches on my arm"


"i know hahaha snake and piper would be sooo mad"

"OH YEAH they r all grown and married now i robbed them i didn't kill thought"


"i know"

"well go get some cash i will see u when i get back"

"where r u going"

"on tour with the guys i don't want to tay here"

"oh okay well have fun"

"yepp i will and tell your mom i said hi and look for me in the magazines make sure u still one with me on it haha"

"haha yepp i know bye love u jay brid"

"love u cracker"

"WOW jayda"


"u r bestfriends with a criminal"

"yepp he is so sweet"

"i wouldn't call it that"

'relax he is i swear i was the kid in his gang he is 24 now is mom is 39 she got preggo at 15"

"oh ok lets just go home so harry can get ready for his date with shalia"


"it's a date a friend date"

"yeah a friedn date"



"Hey r u ok"

"i'm fine guys shalia guess wsho i seen"




"YESSS REALLY now u and ahrry r going to marrytown to have dinner and iceskate get ready it's a friedn date he is ready hurry it's to get your mind off stuff "

"wait harry and me on a date"


"jayda u know how i fell about him"

"i know and shalia harry likes u DON'T SCREAM"

"omg really"

"yes really i think u two should go out try to get a kiss tonight"


"im serious"

"i know me too"

after ready and gone"

"i hope they have a good time"

"me too and jayda"


"i didn't know u wanted to go with us i thought u would want to stay"

"WHAT R U CRAZY NO I WULD LOVE TO COME if thats okay with u"

"of course it's okay after we tell fans"

"oh god im nervous"

"it's okay i am too"


people:whos the girl friends girl friend family

"guys don't hate on her she is very sweet

people"we would never she is so pretty she looks nice

"she is my girlfriend"

people"awhhhh niall so cute together awhh

"thanks guys say hi jayda"

"uhm hello fans and directioners"

people"prove it how do u know u r tell the truth kiss her pleasehappy guys

"u guys really want us to kiss"

people"YESS yesss pleaseee awhhh pleasee niall we have seen zayn laima dn lou and harry do it please

"okay okay okay okay fine"

short 5 scnond kiss

"happy gys"



"shhhhh let's see what they r doing i hope they r dating yes guys harry was on a date with jaydas bestfriend she is sweet and caring don't hate her either"




they walked in on them holding hand and harry almost kissed her



"sorrry mate

people"awhh so cute great couple r thye coming with u on tour

"yes they r"

"we got robbed hahaha"


"the icerank got robbed but it was fine that was the first kiss haha we was all harry if we don't live i love u and he said the same but they guy was like give me koney and harry gave him all the money left from staking and eating about 1000 but cops came"

"nice first kiss"

people"omg harry shalia r u ok

"we r fine guys haha don't sweat it

"well guys i think we need to got get a hotel"

"a hotel??"

"yes shalia a hotel i don't feel safe here this isn't a dafe part of twon at all"

"oh ok well there is a nice one about 20 minutes away very safe aned  clean"

"let's get the guys and girls u need to pack anything personal but smallish and clothes all of them no going home or break for 3 months'"

"ok bye guys nice to let u know"

"yeah me too don't hate us"

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