Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


13. Leaving

a weeks later

Jayda's p.o.v

we leave tomorrow morning i can't wait to go but i can too because i woun't be home for 3-5 months and niall already is talking about me metting his parents aready so i am guessing he told them i want to but s fast we have been dating for only 3 weeks but i guess i should if i had parents i would let them meet him asap and i am thinking of just leaving the few things i can't bring and moving out completely i mean niall lives on his own when he is there there is no one really to come back to here exept my brother but he ives a hour away from here i could stay at his apartment and shalia is coming with us so is brisen and chandra so really no one here shalia thinks it is a good plan too

"Jayda r u and shalia almost packed"

"we r done it's chadra i should be worried about she has stuff beyond stuff at brisens too but i told her to leave most ofit there gage spoils her to death and brsen doesn't have much shalia is done too"

"ok well lets go on and pick up chandra and brisen gage called shalia and said he is driving on his own chandra called the hotel last night since we leave at like 7 am we r all staying at the hotel so we don't have to wake up at like 6 to go get them gage will drive back tomorrow he and brisen r sharing a room u shalia znd chandra and me and the guys r the same"

"oh ok i didn't know she was coming to the hotel"

"yepp we r going to go pick them up and eat somewhere there so gage can just follow us back ot the hotel"

"ok but that would mean that we would have our stuff in the hotle room"

"oh sorry i forgot when we pick them up the bus of yours and brisen and the girls will be folowing us then drive back tot the hotel we r going to load it first then go on"

"ok well niall i was thinking and do u think that brisen would wat to share a bus with u guys instead i know he is like my little brother and he is dating chandra but it hink it wuld be good for him to be with the guys instead i mea u guys have 6 beds only five are used and the bus is only for traveling he won't be living in it"

"well we can ask i mean he is a nice lad they guys love him"

"well ok let go to gages aparment and pick them up and pack and all that jazz"

"haha ok"

---at gage's---

"hey brother"

"hey sister thanks for just walking in not even a knock"

"any time"

"hey jayda"

"hey little sister hey little nonblood brother"

"haha hi jayda"

"uhm r u going to ask him jayda"

"OH yeah brisen u like having the guys around right"

"yeah their cool"

"ok would u want to be on their bus instead on all the girls becasue if u r with us i hope u know we will be talking about u and nialla nd harry all the time u know just normal girl talk"

"oh well uhm i don't--looks at chandra"

"just say yes brisen i okay with it.=mit would be better for all of us"


"YES it will be like having a non singing 6th memebr"

"oh well louie i do sing a bit not music like u sing though"

"do u yes that good....let me know how do u feel about carrot and SUPERMAN"

"i love superman and i have never ate a carrot"



"come on lou give him a chance"

"i'm sorry niall i just can't do thzt"

"uhm whats going on"

"brisen,mate lou here loves carrots and superman"

"i do not only love them it is a passion"

"i know"

"here i think i can spear a carrot just for u"

"uhm where did that coming from"

"the hotel i carry carrots everywhere"

"oh ok well what do i di with it"






"this is very good louie thanks yum"

"come on i see the buses let do get shalias and jayda first all there stuff is in the cars we drove we were very packed in there haha"

"hahaha ok"

"whoa u guys have wayyyy less then chandra put together even clothes and everthing"

"well when u r poor in a one bedroom apartment and haven't really got alot of stuff at a time for 5 months yeah this is what happenes"

"well come on we need to fix in up u guy have 4 beds bunks but the couches pull out too"

"ok cool how many closets"

"three on in the bathroom and two in the bunk area"

"good meand jayda shared one"

--packed the girls stuff--

"ok chandra u r next and great u live on the third floor"

"i have a idea i packed my stuff very light so i can just throw it down u have to catch it though it is just shoes and purses but the glass picture i have i didn't take out of the fame i have only 5 though me and brisenme and jayda me and shalia me and gage me and gae and jayda i can carry those down"

"ok lets go how many boxes are ther"


"what would the heavyesst weigh be"

"5 pound if that"

"oh ok lets ok all the guys line up"


"ok to the hotel everyones stuff is packed and ready"

"it's 9 pm we should go on to bed"

"yeah get up by 6 at least guys cause we leave at 7 am no later u can dress casual only ytaveling tomorrow about 7 hours to tennesse then get in the hotel and sleep next day interview they will be asking u will stay back stage they will be asking about u i did tweet new bestfriend brisen and chandra jaydas sister and her bf they r coming too so wear sometimes a bit nice looking becasude the guy may be like come on out lets meet u most interviewers my do that if u come that day if u don't u can stay at the hotel the first one i ask please come though i want to make this public as possible  just because i want to show u im not scared of people knowing u

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