Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


19. It's not the end

Niall'a p.o.v

i only have one huge question why?was it me or louie all that happened what


"i love you"

really is that all u can say jayda

"well i love you too but that won't fix it what happened"

"what do you mean"

"well your arms"

"oh that hah funny story i was just up arond 3 am cause u know i like to eat later then others and the knife for the food u know and it cut me i dropped it"

"oh yeah so the knife you know u cooked with cut u evenly across 10 times then what were u cooking with blood and why for the scar stuff"

"oh yeah i was just making some steak and for moist i have dry fore arms"

"oh yeah totally dont we all but what is werid"

"what is ti"

"well the bottle says for skin to dry so why dry skin even more"

"ohhh it say s that haha did't even see *fake yawn* im soooo tired im sure u are too i think i will take a short nap"

"oh okay even though you faked a yawn but wait before u go one well a few things that is werid is we don't have steak on the bus if we did we have no girll or pan to cook it in and the weridest part is u are vegatarian you don't eat meat and i asked gage how long u haven't ate meat and he said about 9 year so you stopped at 12 so y cook steak"

"ohh yeah i ate the only and last steak and i just put it on the stove without anything and yeah i tried it i really liked it"

"oh thats great im very hungry aren't u we haven't ate for at least 5 hours"

"yeah i soooooooooooo hungry"

"look i have some jerky u like meat u would love this "

"oh yeah"

"here *put it centimeters aways from her mouth and nose*"

(this is harry remember he is there)"eat some jayda very good"

"yeah im good"

"come on please u aren't only salad person now"



"calm down its me shalia"

"oh uhmmmm"

"listen she doesn't cut....... anymore she is a vegitarian"

"oh so she doesn't cut anymore u say"

"yes i say niall"

"well then y did harry find this in her bag while trying to find somthing*holds up knife*"

"well becasue she was u know just"




"i knew it niall i knew what i was for and guess what i really doubtharry did what u did"

"what did i do"

"lets see what didn't u do ok first u just told me u loved me but u don't u used me for fame cinco u probably told louie to say what he did so it would be all over the news and c u seen the cameras flashing at me and louie but u did nothing u want it to be known

"jayda i woudl never hur t u i love you with all i have"

"cut it niall u don't u might car for me and want me to be loved and worshipped but ITS YOU u don't not like harry and shalia or brisen and chandra"

"Jayda im sure niall loves u"

"oh me too just not the way he says he does"

"but i do"

"NO you don't harry and louie r the ones who knows me best and u are messing with that"

"i don't think e is jayda"

"ok maybe not me and u harry but me and louie"



"can u tell me when we will be stopping"

"oh well its looks like we are at the hotel"

"okay thanks"




"uhgggggggghhhhhhhh what niall"

"r u done over what"

"i don't know do u want to be"

"not in a million years"

"okay well lets just take a break i willl stay here for louie harry zayn liam and shaila but lets take a week off just friends no more no less just go back like we were before e dated just don't tell anyone exept the boys and girls"

"okay a week friend only"

"okay well bye i need to talk to louie"


Jayda's p.o.v

WHAT HAVE A DONE! AHHHHHH HE LOVES ME I LOVE HIM but i don't think he knows how much we love eack other this will be good i hope"






"AHHHH where is he"

"he i right here walking right"

"uhm yeah listen i am sorry i snapped i already lost one important thing in my life i don't need my best friend to be gone too"

"oh yeah metoo so sorry i shouldnt have said a thing wasn't true"


"who did u loose"

"oh well me and niall we didn't break up but we are having a short break only a week we need it"

"yeah cool"

"louie u okay you seem a bit down....and distracted"

"*huge sigh*yeah i may be"


"Eleanor and i"


"we broke up"


"yeah i know i don't know what happened"

"but u were perfect with each other"

"i know*crying*


"*CRYING* what"

"*ccrying*please don't cry over someone"

"u don't want me to and u are"

""i know but please be strong"

"Jayda someething else happened on the bus that u haven't said now tell me"

"huuuuuhhhh they found out about it"

"*straight away he knew it was about the cuts cry even more*jayda i know u didn't want me to say this or them to find out but they had to is that why u adn niall are breaking"

"yeah pretty much why didn't u and eleanor break and if she did thi after this long she is not worth crying for"

"u dont get it do u...oh i didn't tell u i was going to engage her jayda in a week"

"oh louie i didn't know"

"i know its okay so this mean we r okay"

"everyone needs a friendship like sponebob and patrick"

"hahahahahaha definatally

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