Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


14. I told you


"uhhh y can't i do to sleep"(jayda talking to herself)

text from niall

"r u awake love if so put on something arm but not to warm a sweater or something and meet me in 5 downstairs if not sorry if i woke u love you xx-Nialler"

"haha idiot i guess i should tell him i am coming--i am awake ok coming putting shoes on now love u too xx-Jay"

"ok see u soon im in the lobby waiting xx-Nialler"


"Niall where r u at "

"over here"

"what r u doing"

"i was hungry"

"u alwaysr hungry"

"i know i got u some"


"u eat ALOT"

"i know"

"that's hot on a girl"

"well haha a do try"



"soooo what did u want and how did u know i wasn't asleep"

"cause i heard u talking to yourslf about not being able ot go to sleep"

"oh yeah i can't i hate it"

"well i did i woke up though at like 2 so i was like i wonder if jayda is up ad=nd around 4 i heard u were y can't u sleep"

"i'm scared niall what if i go and it gets hard on us"

"i won't let that happen y did u wake up"

"well i was never really asleep i was so relaxed it felt like it and just thinking"


"us and how well the fans took it on twitcam when we told them but also the fact that on twi-nevermind"

"tell me if it is about me or noti won't let it get to me it can't be that bad"

it i that bad"

"well tell me please niall"

"i can't say i'm sorry y don't u get on twiiter on my phone and just look for yourelf and don't take it serious they don't mean it u quit ALL of this"


some tweets from SOME fans say i hate u u r a alcholic u lived on the streets until 14 because u r so useless u smoke that is NASTY we hate u

"don't cry jayda they don't know who u really are"

"i'm crying asue it is all true niall ALL OF IT I TOLD U THEY WOULD HATE ME"

"NO jayda NO they just don't know u yet they will et o know u though ok"


'yes u stopped al of this utold me u stop drinking at 15 stopped smoking at 16 u got off the streets at 14 u picked yourself up u r beautiful"

"i knoi stopped but the point is i started it to begin with i could have stayed with my brother is i didn't think i was so different and ran away i could of got off the streets myself johnathan wasn't the one that had to make me i was underage to go anyof this stuff niall but the point it THEY HATE ME I TOLD U THE WOULD"

"they don't jayda a swear they did this to eleanor dani and perrie before they seen how nice they were"

"and how long is that going to take niall"

"i don't know love u aren't famous either that is y they all think u r werid but but i like u jayda that is all that matters for us u just have to have your chin up and act like u don't care and theey WILL stop i swear"

"u know what your totally right niall that is what  i will do"

"good well it is about 4:55 now we have to wake up at 6"

"hahahaha i'm not going to sleep now by the time we get up there it will be 5am and i will fall asleep and never wake up i don't know about u but they have a24/7 arcade and that where i will be"

"oh okay well u can do that but i need to take a shower and all that stuff so if i still have time i will come down here"

"okay love u"

"love u bye'

-----40 minutes later----

"love where ru im done"

"over here niall"





"y what"

"who des that just comes downstairs at like 5:40 without a shirt on"


"other than u'



"what ru playin and how do u have so much change"

"dance game and i don't have mcuch change i only had like 50 cents so i kept one quarter i riged them"

"how do u do that and that is bad"

"oh well and u just take what ever page sign are here lke this one i have it said change maker this way and u fold a peice on the paper into the size on a quarter as so take the quarter out of the paper and fold the paper back and put it in"


"oh here did u learn that from"

'haha who else other that cracker"

"that expalins it well it is 6am we should be getting ready"

"ok let go WAIT I FORGOT IT"

"forgot what"

"my key oh my god"

"relax love i have to wake the guys tey aren't up yet so they wil be disent we havea group room thing so u can walk through my room to ours"

"oh smart one"

"i know u don't have to say it"

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