Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


17. He doesn't like us???

On the boys bus 1 hour into


"SO LOUIE what"

"do u really like this girl"

"uhm louie this girl has a name"

"oh sorry jayda i didn't know u where skpying"

"yes louie i love her tell brisen to come her chandra is coming"


"what lou and u didin;t have to scream this bus isn't a house it's not that big"

"i know sorry chandra is on skype with jayda"

"hey sweet are u having fun with your sisiter and shalia"

"yeah i miss u though

"i miss u too"

"my god i swear y guys are just wrong"


"i go months without skype or seeing eleanors face unless it is a picture but u guys are skyping'

"wel u and eleanor have been together for a long time"

"well so has brisne and chandra"

"not that long louie only a few months or so"

"whatever chandra long enough"

"well fine then niall whats wrong with him"

"i don't know he was fine a few mnutes ago HARRY"


"well i would telll u but the girls are there"

"just say harry please whatever it is about us wew ill have to get over it or he will one"

"okay but i am warning u jayda u aren't going to like it"

"tell us"

"he doesn't want u guys on here at first he did but kow he thinks me andniall are not focused"

"WHAT he doesn't like us"

"NO NOOOOO shalia babe it isn't that he loves u guys but he doesn't like u here"

"WHAT HARRY he can't say eleanor and dani never came to a show and he wasn't fully focused"

"i know niall but mate just doesn't mention it and maybe it will just go away"

"u think somthing like that is going to just go away"

"wait i have a idea when do we stop again"




"okay when we pull over our driver adam who is awesome will pull over too and i will explain BYE LOVE U"

"love u chandra"

"love u brisen(cold stare from jayda to chandra"


"what is damon doing"

"just follow him adam"

"woah know u sound like damon adam do this adam do that"

"sorry be back in a minute'

"what are we doing niall"

"i don't know louie i think we are out on drinks yes we are we are getting drinks"


walks away to jayda shalia and chandra"

"okay what is it"

"ok i rememebr louie told me he would NEVER lie to a girl so u just follow me i am the best a presure"



"what cha doing"

"can i ask u somthing louie"

"yes anything what"

"do u like me and the girl being here"

"well ofcourese and u make harry and niall happy"

"and what about brisen u like me no"

"we love him he is very much like liam too mature but can laugh but zayn too quiet"

"yes fair enough and do u think we are make niall and harry not focuse

"welll uhmm i g-"

"OH WHAT about eleanor u can't focuse when she is around u while u are with the band trying to focuse on somthing"

"i suppose n-"

"OH what about us we are all singers and pretty good ones at that and i play guitar if u didn't know are u scared we are going to take over and tae harry brisen and niall with us are u louie"

"are u louie

"u scared louie"

"we want to know if u are scared r u"

"OKAY FINE i love u guys and yes i am scared of u taking harry and niall if they can't focuse"


"OKAY OKAY I KNOW JAYDA I KNOW im sorry iw ill give them a chance"

"WOAH WOAH jayda louie calm down r u okay"

"yeah perfect niall just seeing what it takes to break louis here and btw louis harry must be breaking your bromance cause he told us"

louies head hung and sad

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