Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


26. going to dressed in all green and aqua blue

ITs jauary now

i packing ready to go for Justin and why did i say okay i mean niall and louie and chandra nad justinand everyone exept zayn was saying to go he said do want you think you need to do i could have sold the song to kellin and not be packing to leave niall to travel the owrld with justin as much as i would love to i an travel with niall and see justin when i can

"Jayda sorry you were writing but Justin is almost here"

"it's okay zayn i was done and ok thanks(forces a smile to her face)"

"Jayda that is the fakest smile i have ever seen are you okay"

"no Zayn i don't want to go"

"Jayda btu said yes i told you do what is right for you"

"i know you did but everyone else said go for it but htis isn't me sure i love to sing but not like this i would like to be maybe a opening with shalia and chandra for your concerts but not all the time and not away from you..............and everyone else"

"Jayda maybe just need to call justin and tell him you can't do this if it isnt what you want niall and everyone else will understand i know it they just forced you cause you are a great singer but if you don't want to then say so don't be unhappy when you don't have to"


"Are you crying"

"yeah kinda"

"awh no reason no cry"


"zan i am going to ruin everyones dreams fo rme"

"no jayda everyones dreams for you or atleast mine are you to be happy health with us and doing what you oove and living everydayikeyou think you should following what makes you happy"

*zayn tys to get out of hug*

"no Please don't let go yet"

"okay i won't"

"thank you"



"you are taking this i don't wan to go way to far and over thinking it what is the real problem"

"nothing but the signig"

"Jayda tell me"

"uh ok well johnathan got me right before my birthday like 2 days before and that was only almost 2 months ago i was picked up by johnathan i am thinking of how happy i was and now brisen and chandra are broke up i thought they would be forever and stressed out niall is stressed with the shows and photoshoots and interviews so i am also stressed and i have never been to places we are going to and it is so surreal but i don't want to se the world with justin even if he is a bid past of my life

"Jayda if that it all you had to say was that you have to learn to live with some things i know ti s hard i in this band as uch as niall and you johnathan is gone but he should be if he took advantange of how smart and beautiful adn sweet and caring and nice and loving you are then he doesn't know what he is missing and chanra and brisen are still kids they weren'ting to last i mean when you were 16 or 17 did you have a boyfriend"


"yeah ok well it didn't last cause you weren't in love like you and niall are you were kids i know im a adult and chandra is still but i think we will work out even if we are 3 years apart"

"i think you will too"

"good and don't worry about seeing the world you will"

*Honk honk*

"oh no"


"hey babe justin is here you ready"

"uhmll be out in a sec"'

"ok hurry he is on a tight run"


"Jayda you on't let anyone down i persnally am proud of you for saying what you think and standing up for yourself jayda i believe in you you just go look him right in the eyes and say im sorry i can't go i can't sing like this i wnt to sell my song to sleeping with sirens and anything else"

"hooooo okay"

"k ill be out in a second"

"ok and Zayn one more thing"


*smile an jayda out of the room*

"Hey man is Jayda ready"

"uhm yeah JAYDA"

"hey Justin i need to talk to you"

"ok well can we talk on the way and clothes where are they we gotta hurry im runnin tight"

*zayn walk in with harry and louie, liam chandra and shalia are already there*

"um thats the thing im not going"



"WHAT"everyone else but zayn

*looks at zayn in concern"(he mouths to her)

"okay yeh im not going im so sorry but i just want to sell my song to sleeping with sirens and sing cover on youtube i was sorry just singing infront of thousands of people i don't like it's just not me"

"Jayda r u sure"

'im positive niall i regreted saying ys since i said it"

"ok well ill call scooter"

"m sorry i let you down and disappointed you niall and everyone else"

"Jayda is that why you said yes cause you didn't want to let me down you could never let me down i would never be mad at you fo r something like this i love you i understand it isn't what you want"

"i told you jayda no one is mad at you"

"Zyn knew you were doing to do this"

"well yeah i mean she looked so sad and upset and she told me what was wrong i helped so yeah"

"Jayda why didn't you tell me you didn't want this"

"cause niall i didnt want to tell you you were the one that wanted this for me the most"

"jayda i just wanted to help if you have told me you never wanted to do this i would have talked to ou why didn't you talk to me aout this i mean i am yur boyfriend"

"cause nial sometimes i need to talk to someone else then you louie chandra or shalia"

"but you rmy girlfriend we shouldn't keep secrets"

"IT WASN'T A SECRET NIALL i just wanted to talk to zayn cause he was there if liam was there i woul dhave talked to him if harry was there i would talk to him if louie was there i would talked to him too and if you were there i may have even talked to you but it was zayn he was there i talked to him ok i tell you everything else i stopped cutting for you i quit my jod for you i sent my besfriend to jail for you even if he was abusive and i hated him inside i started eating for you i stopped alot of things for you niall and this is what i get i even let you read my person book and this is what i get you getting jeaulous over i talked to Zayn and you think it was a secret when it wans't YOU KNOW WHAT MAYBE I SHOULD CALL JUSTIN MAYBE I SHOULD GO ANYWAYS I MEAN  WOULD BE AWAY FROM YOU WHY DO I TAKE THIS ANYWAYS YOU BEING JEALOUS OVER ME I COULD I HAVE WENT WITH JUSTIN BUT NO I SAID HERE FOR YOU NIALL AND GUESS WHAT I PROBABLY WOULD HAVE FELL INLOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE THEN YOU WOULD HAVE CAME BACK TO ME SAID I LOVE YOU AND IM SORRY BUT NO NIALL I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU AND CARE FOR YOU WHY ARE YOU SO JEALOUS ABOUT ME TALKING TO ZAYN ABOUT THIS"

"Jayda i didn't know that what i sound like i so sorry i promised you i would never hurt you and i have done that in disguise i didn't even notice and im not jealous jayda im protective cause if i don't protect you you will fall for Zayn if you haven't seen alot of girls any girls like zayn more than me cause he is tan and romantic and funy and sweet and im over here just gross compared to him if you ever thought i was jealous then i just wnt to protect you thats all i don't want to loose you ever"

"Niall i think when you love something you should let it go"

"what r u sayi ng"

"i think i need to go"

"i think you should stay"

"Goodbye niall i love you"


*didn't trun around*


*everyone is still i the room in shock*




*didn't trun around still but everyone and jayda was shocked*

5 minutes in shock




*runs from the door all the way to the kitchen where everyone was and jumps on nialls waist and holds his neck*

"guys i think im getting married"

*liam adn zayn both yell*


"haha liam i said it first"

"no you didn't"

"yeah i did"

"we said it al the same time"

"no we didn"t"

"zayn gets a spoon"

"whoa you had to pull that out didn't you"

"yeah i did"

"at least my hair doesn't look like a skate ramp"

"haha that was a good one liam"

"thanks hazza"

"at least im not bald"

*flaten zayns hair*



"niall r u sure i mean it hasn't even been a year together yet"

"well i has planning this on march 1st the da you woul dcome back to see us but i had to get you to stay"

"well i probably would have came back later"

"yeah well if you think we aren't ready i mean we can wait to marry i mean there is no limit to be engaged

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