Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


28. Dresses and Mama little meets some new people

(mom gage maira mikey and markus at the hotel)

"I wonder if gage is here yet mom"

"i don't know maria lets ask the people downstairs"


"uhm excused me i am wondering if a gage litle is here yet"

"is he a person you are wating on"

"yes he is my son"

yes he is in room 309 the roon across from you"

"okay thank you"

knock knock knock

"who is it"

"you will know whe you open the door"

looks out peep hole


"oys come meet your brother"


"gage it is so great to see you i missed you so much i am o sorry for what happened before i was forced f i didn't want o die i am sooooo sorry"

"i know mo it is okay"

"this is mikey markus and maria i don't know if you could rememebr them or not"

"ofcourse i do my little brothers are taller than me...sad"

"hah yeah so what dd you get Jayda and niall for the party"

"well i didn't know if she was moving into a different place or not but i got her about 300 dollors and a few few decorations and bothroom things like a curtain and twoel and a rug it is aqua blue and green"

"wow mom you go a lot of money now"

"yeah wat did you get her"

"i got her a few mirrors cause sh ehas a thing with mirrors she ikes them and a blender and mixer and some rugs"

"well she does like mirrors and cooking"

"yeah well e also get to meet nialls mom and dad and brother as far as i know the wedding will be small with just us and nialls brother mam and dad and shali anad chandra oh and btw don't bring up brisen he is gone the broke up cause he was cheating with zayns ex perrie oh i forgot some other people will be there too she said she doesn't know if we kow them"

"well thats werids he would tell us come on we should get going you have to come too niall has his best men as alot but he is famous he can do what he wants but nyways it is liam zayn louie you  and harry the best men and me shalia chandra and some one else i will meet when we get there to the house she said i know them"

"wel lets go"

(In the drive way)

"these cars look costly"

"if this is how nialls mom and dads live wow"

"it can't be this is way to many cars for two people"

knock knock knock


"it is jayda mom and sister andbrother"

"oh come in very nice to meet uyou"

"you too are those your cars"

"no the two close to the dorr are but i m not aloud to tell you those to costly car but the tahoes are the guys they can together"

"oh ok"

"Honey jayda mum ad brothers and sisters are here"

"hello i am nialls father"

"hi this is markus mikey gage and maria"

"wow alot of kids "


"We only had two niall and greg and where is greg"



"hello i am greg nialls brother"

"haha i know jayda and niall talk ALOT about you on the phone"

"mom gage you are here"

"yeah i missed you"

"you too but we need to go NIAL I AM TAKING OUR TAHOW WE RODE IN "







"ok love you"

"hahah love you mom we need to go de- i mea two peole are wait ing"


"ok along with all us girls one guy will be there with one girl the guy will not be in the wedding but at it and the girl will be in it cause we are like bestfriends now and th e guy will be there cause he wanted to meet you and yeah"


(at the store)

"hoeny who did those people get here"

"taxi they didn't want there cars to have people bringing attention to it"


"ok mom shalia and chandra know who this is hey have emt her beffore you personlly love her nd think sh eis a good person and the guy me and chandra love he is a idol and we have met him before too so close your eyes are they will let you kno when to open your eyes ok"


"k guys come on"


"Shhh you don't have to be so lud"

'but i do"


"oh my god two of some of th most famous people know my daughter oh my god"

"mom yu may know them justin and demi"

"i know them honey i am just so shocked inside i am calm"

"wow but when the famous irish british boy band walks in your house yo don't notice"

"thats right"

"well justin you can jut wait i guess while we go find dresses"

"uh ok"

"ok jayda you aren't picky thats good ao long dress or short dress"


"palin or jews/perals shiny things"

"shiny things"

"ok strapes or no"


"are you sure it willbe cool"

"it will be inside"

"ok good"

"and us"

"i want you guys in a simply plainish dress with no sleeves and short"

"ok let find a dress it will be white but we can always say we want a blue one"


"ok justin this is dress one'

"oh ok sorry i was on twitter"

"ok it is called a mermaid dress imagine it aqua though"


"ok i don't know about htis one do you like it justin"

"well it is a mermaid dress thing but you look like the little mermaid in it"

"haha thanks"

"truth i mean if you like it just saying"

"i don't like it"

"ok justin this is dress two thins one came in blue ready"


"it may look okay going to a school dance or for one on you guys but jayda as the bride no"

"ok justin last one for now it also isin blue

"jayd ai know you wanted i short dress but this one i LOVE really on you but the first two no"

(this one is tight on the top then starts flowwing out at the waist)

"i REALLY LOVE this one too even though it is long it is beautiful i know this one is it what do you guys think"

"it is beautiful jayda i didn't think you really wanted a short dress"

"i thought i did but no"

"ok so this is the one right the oen you will get married in"


"good thank god you aren't picky"

"haha ok you guys now go get three dresses you like plain and simplish and strapless if possible"

"ok comes out and chooses demi in a tight figure fiting dress and her mom in a flowwing dress with a strap around the neck chndr in a tight fitting dress like demi but hers has a little shiny belt to it and shliain a flowing strpless dress"

"ok well i thought that would take mo=uch long but tomorow the guys go for it duh duh dhuh"

"uhm ok thats i litte werid"

"haha i just hope the guy heled decrote the back yard for the party"

'if they didn't i rely on his parents did i know she was cooking when we got there"

"where are yu guys stayng at i know you told me nialls flat got ruined and y\they didn't even tell him"

"we are at the same hotle you guys are but we are on the very top floor you guys are on the 3 we are on the 12th we wanted to get ou guys up there but no more rroms"


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