Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


23. brother sister love

Jaydas P.o.V

im so excited to finally meet them i met them one time right before gage took me im shaking my heart is pounding maria is so beautiful even if she does look a bit like my ex dad i could hear her saying come on guys and keep calm they are normal i know it they have girlfrinds to sooooo cute they one beside niall is gorgues but the one beside harry looks alot lik eher they look like mom its true we do

"Hey mom you okay we heard alot of screaming"

"yeha in the past hour markus you and mikey must really care to come down"

"sorry mom"

"uhm markus i think you should look behind us"

"Oh my god"


"you rememeber me"

"i do"

"i didn't use to"

"MOM how do u tell them apart"

"one way well i few ways but when they were little by their freckles mikey has far more freckles than markus now they are older it is mikey was way better in school than markus and markus has had a broken nose twice from sports and playing around"

"Oh yeah i see that well markus"


"you remind me of gage"

"i know he really does gage loved sports when he was little"


"mine adn chandras brother older brother"

"markus rememeber he was 7 he was super tall for his age and then seen hisagain at 12"

"you mean 13 we are the same age"

"no i mean 12 we are still 18"

"they were born a few motnhsa after you

"oh yeah"



"maris this is chandra and jayda your older sisters chandra is 16 jayda is 19 chandra is 1 month older than you by the day"

"hello how are you"

"im okay what about yourself"

"im good very excited to meet you and hcandra so is it true you dating niall'

"haha we are dating love"

"does that mean niall could be my uncle"



"no its okay mom chandra asked to but then i wasn't sure uhm maybe maria maybe one day"

"yeah maybe i will be maria"


"You mean jayda horan mom"

"SO who are you"



"stop trying to hit on jaydas friend"

"yeah sure asking a question is hitting on someone"

"OKAY lay off please i am dating harry"


"HAHAH Harry you fail markus has a voice on mr t and is like 6'2 and your are like a 5'7 and sound like a bunny to him"

"okay what ever"

"anyways this is shalia my friend she moved almost 6 years ago from london finished high school and when to collage"

"you go to collage"

"i am not going but shalia is i will be though online im kinda wanting to write and get a thing going with that songs that is"



"you should sing"


"cause she is a perfect singer so is chandra and shalia but jayda has sang the longest"

"im not going to sing'

"fine do you have a cell phone someone mine is dead'

"here mate"

"thanks lian"

"it loading"


"shhhhhhhhhh its playing"


"*song end*"

"jayda you are amazing you have a talent do you have any more talents"

"well i do love to take pictures if you call that a talent and i write songs

(pretend this song is by her in the story)

Is this right how ever this goes

you've got your friends and you've got your foes

they wanna piece of something hot

forget your name like they forgot

oh ain't that something (this song is by sleeping with sirens called roger rabbit if you wanted to know)

"That was great jayda you are a great singer and great writer and great picture taker"

"thank you guys but do you have any talents"

"well mikey and markus are in a band"

"oh really what do you do"

"markus plays drums i play guitar and sing"

"do you have any music out"

"yeah be back in a sec"

"oka well hwile we wait can you do aything speical maria"

"uhm well i act"

"Really have you been in plays'

"a few"

"thats ggod"

"okay here is the band it is me another guitar player tate drums markus and a bass alex right now we a covering but this is our cd oh and markus sings too he is pretty good he doesn't sound like me if you ask i think the last 4 songs he sings"(not really just pretend)

1 song

2 song

3 song

4 song

5 song

6 song

7 song

8 song

9 songs

10 songs

"the end i kow the 10th song is a bit dareing that is mikey screaming though"


"HAHA thanks niall harry louis liam zayn your famous what did you think"

"haha guys you okay you look a bit scared"

"wel yeah the first 9 songs are grea but the 10th one what if you like wake up to that one day i know i would be scared"

"that y you dont"

"haha good thing you guys didn't know me like a year ago thats all i listened to"

"its true she did a little scary but it good songs"

"look lads you are great sings and great musically i really think you should start making some real music personally i like the less screaming ones like the life house songs and i really loved the heater girl one"

"hahaha we do too"

"well keep it up i do not think you should be focussed on the screaming stuff but maybe some pop stuff to throw in there you know to mix it up a bit"

"ok thanks niall we will talk to alex and tate about it"

"okay we mom i think we should be going now it is 8 and we haven't ate dinner do you want to come"

"oh no honey we ate already but thank you see me before you leave and please do come back"

"iwill mom i know i will markus mikey maria i love you guys il see you later bye"

"love you bye"

"love you guys bye"

"bye chandr love you "


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