Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


30. A flat



"get up"


"time to go look at apartments"


"well flats in ireland but are you forgeting i am a american"

"no i can tell what time is it"




"yes mom"

"its what i feel like sometimes i guess this si what liam feels like"

"are you tryng to say i am a child"

"yes i am you are still a teenager sure a adult after 18 but i am no longer a teenager i am a 20 year old next year i will be able to drink in both ireland and britian but also america legially you will not"

"you want to laugh so bad"

"hahaha i can't say anything like that with a straight face"

"i know you are a bad actress thanks good i will also alwasy now when you are lying but you don't but if you did i would know"

"sure you would now get dressed we have three flats to see at 9:30 at 10:15 and at 11:30 first one has s a bedroom huge kitchen and living room and 2 bathrooms the second one has a bedroom and game room huge kitchen and living room and 1 bathroom and the thrid one has a huge kitch and living room again 2 bedroooms and a game room and 2 bathrroms all allow pets when i bring liam and lola"

"haha it sound like you call the person liam a pet"

"wow you would hurry it 9:15 and we don't wanna be late i am going to take liam and lola to my om so they dn't like die or something bring my string bag and be down stairsplease when i get down there the first place is only 5 minutes away"


"hey mom it's jayda"

"hey hon are you leaving"

"yeah can you kinda watch my pets"

"well sure i guess we are just going to nialls parents to work out some wedding details"

"you did call the dress place right and told them i want to get the dress right i just need my size and i already measured so yeah"

"i did"

"good okay well we got to go"

"ok love you"

"love you see you for dinner later"


"NIALL you better be down here"


"of course uhhhh"

"woah calm down i am playin with you"

"NIALL JAMES don't do that we have to go"

"i think someone is turning into a what they call bridezilla"



"i am not beng a bridezilla"

"then y are you so stress about me playin with you if you weren't one you would have laughed"

"Niall just be cause ju cause AHHH"


"maybe i am stressed about this but don't tell me you aren't stressed about it too"

"i am just i don't get to stressed about it i mean even if the wedding is the worst wedding ever and a complete distater i know we will still love each other and we can still just get married at a court house if all else fails"

"you know what you are 100% right i mean moving in together has nothin to do with marriage at least not ours cause we you know are always on the road"

"right this is just a place for us to stay while i am home"

"so can we please just do and look at this first place now"

"yes are u calm about it"


"lets we only have 10 minutes to get there"

*at the flat*


"hello im niall this is jayda we are here about the flat"

"Niall and jayda as in horan"

"well we arn't married yet but yes"

"well come with me and my i ask what happened to the baby"


"you haven't seen the news"

" NO"

"well whe n i show you this flat i have the magazine in my car"

"ok well let mejust foucus on this"

"good relax jayda you know it is probably a rumor it will go away in a week or so"

"ok but i still want to see it"

"are you sure"

"yes i am i can take it"

"so here we are this flat has 1 bedroom 2 bathrooms huge kitchen and living room with 2 huge closets and a room to wash your clothes and aloows pets at this flat you have a inside and outside pool jacuzzi and gym"

"well it is very big and nice but its only has one bedroom what if i fly my mom in or gage or shalia come to spend the night"

"well the sofa"

"Niall i amnot putting my family and friends on a couch"

"ok fine then maybe the  second one if better"

"yeah but it has a bedroom and game room  would you want a game room"

"well we don't need one but i thought you would like a place to your self to work on your music and youtube things"

"well that would be nice and i mean both you and i love pool so you know we would still have room for my music and camera and a pool table"

"so you think we should just cancel the second one and go to the thrid one"

"yeah that would be best let me call do you want to get brekfest or lunch or something since we have time"

"yeah it is 10:30 would you want to have breakfest with everyone they are probably awake"

"sure go ahead you know we would be 15 minutes late if we went t the 2nd one"

"i noticed"

(calls liam)


"hey liam is everyone awake"

"yeah we were going to go eat in a few minutes"

"oh where we are to jayda canceled the second one because it is a little small for us if we have peole over"

"oh ok and well we were going to go to the diner across the street"

"ok we are on our way in a second"

"Yes i want to cancel the appointment for jayda and niall it is just to small for boy..husband"

"haha ok canceled and your boy hsband"

"i mean i am gettng married hahasorry"

"its ok bye"


"HAHAHA i am your boy husband"

"yeah boy husband ahaha"


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