Stole my heart

Jayda Little was 19 and just trying to pay rent for her new apartment at starbucks she was in San Fransico only one friend she has they were going to collage still but it was march soon collage done her friend Shalia Wither was from britian moved for family she was 18 almost 19 on march 3 shalia was completly obbessed with a band called one direction it wasn't that jayda didn't like them but she never really listened but march 3 that changed


31. A BABY

Jaydas journal

i found me and shalia are closer than ever sure she knew me an d was my bestfriend but i ws never really truthful around her we are as close as me and chandra...i woder who she is wigth zayn i haven't talked to her since brisen but anyways me and niall are in a very strong unbreakable relationship we are to be married and moving n together we are always talking about kids grandparents where we want to be in 10 years everything...i know you think we are getting ahead but it doesn't hurt to think about it..right...other than tha shalia has been every grumpy lately and sh eis always sick and is eating ALOT more thsn usual but i have no idea why unless.....NO noway....well it might be possiable i think i should ask but she might be affended uhgggg i don't know what to do.

-goes downstairs and no one is here exept me chandra shalia and niall and harry but niall is still asleep in bed and harry is too-

"Hey guys"

"JAYDA wha is wrong ith shalia"

"WHOA shalia whats wrong"

"she wouldn't tell me she was been crying ever since she came out on the washroom"

Jaydas' thought"OH MY GOD IS SHE REALLY ....NO NO WAY

"Shalia can i talk to you"

she nodded

"whats wrong is it harry is it fans did you get hurt was it chandra any of the boys"

"well it involves me and harry"

"what do you  mean as invovles"

"as in what you are thinking

i guess you could say we hae the same mind sometimes


"well about a week ago when when to ed sheerans party and me and harry ened up having liam to pick us up cause harry nor i could drive"


"well that night"


"are u mad at me"

"uhhh of course not yur a adult but jayda but are only 18 and are dating a superstar"

"i know"

"does harry know what is going on"

"no just you but i don't know u know i mean like itcould be worng right"

"RIGHT come on ets go to the doctor ill leave a note that we had stuff to do"


"Chandra come on shalia might or might not be pregnent we are going to the docto to find out DO NOT TELL ANYONE"

"ok uhm why"

"because he are the only ones to know and if you ell any of the boys they could tell harry or harry could see it so until we are 100% sure she is or isn't don't tell"


nialls p.o.v

"Hey mate whee is everyone"

"well liam louie ad zayn said they are going to go pick up some food  gage your parent jaydas mom mikey and markus said they ae gong to go expolorebut the girls said tey had some stuff to do and will be back asap"

"oh ok i wonder what"

"i don't know man"

Shalias p.o.v

i am so scared i hope mine not preggo i mean i would LOVE to have a kid but right now i don't think so i hope if i am harry won't break up with me it is  little hard to predict hima nd what he will do next

"shalia jayda and chandra"

"oh god i am scared"

"relax if u are we will support you all the way"

"uuhhhhh ok here goes nothing"

"so what brings you in today shalia"

"well i have been really sick hungry for sour and chocalte things latky and grumpy and me an dmy boyfriend harry had got drunk about a eek ago and did some stuff and the preggo test said i am preggo but we thought it could be wrong"

"ok well it all points to you are but to be sure this a blah lah blah"

gave her something and told her what to go and all that then shalia cae back and the doctor took it and did what and came back about 10 minutes ltaer



"you indeed are pregnent but they is always a abortion plan"

shock came over all there faces then shalia statred crying

"Ja--jayd--aa -wha--what --do --i-i -ddd-ooo"

"Shalia listen you can't rely on me for everythng i am not a mother but if you want my input i think you should keep it tell harry and i will help you through this even if i am getting married on mach 1st but still"

shalia stops crying

"you know what i am going to have a baby at 18 with  superstar and  be proud on it if it goes bad there is always adoption at least they will be ith good people"

"good for you come harry and nill have texted me and and chandra many times are you ready to tell him"

"well no not now niall liam zayn harry and louie have to get there tuxes but i will tell him after that let go home act normal

Zayns p.o.v



"oh niall mate you really love food"


"where is everyone"

"chandra jayda and shalia they have stuff to go and everyone else is exploring"

"ok well we better go get our tuxes i mean 2 months isn't that far away"

"i know let me text jayda and tell her"

Jaydas p.o.v

"good the guys are not a t the hotel they are going t get the tuxes"


"we also have foodYES"


"shalia when we get back home i need to talk to you"

"ok can we eat first"

"of course"

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