Three Little Words

Linsdey Drew is a down-to-earth girl who helps disabled children make the most of their lives. But when they meet their favourite band, will everything change for this 18 year old girl?


2. Sparks fly..

I wish.2
"here." Harry pulled a piece of paper with his phone number on it. "cool. Ill text you!" i said trying to act cool. I am such a nerd. "hey, you wanna come to the beach on sunday?" i froze at his words. Act cool. No biggie. Say yes! " uh yeah sure!" i looked at the floor and giggled. "Linsdey!" called abbey sitting at the table, she couldnt reach her other false leg. "ill be right back." i smiled and walked towards her. I could tell Harry was watching me. "hey beautiful. Need a hand?" i grabbed the false leg up from the floor and strapped it back on.Befor leaving I kissed abbeys forehead and patted her shoulder. "shes cute." Harrys said  smiling and winking at her. Ah. So hot... 
"yeah, she was our first member of this accosiation." "its a great thing your doing linsdey." Harry all of a sudden had a seriose emoting on his face. Befor i could reply we were rushed to the van and drove to the park. I sat next to Harry on the van. It was only 1. 2 more hours left. Aw. Dont end. 
We arrived at the park and the children were begging the boys to push them on the swing. It didnt take em long enough till they caved. "alright." Zayn said grabbing zuris hand and leading her to the swing. Harry offered to swing me but i said no. The children wanted to. Harry grabbed Janes hand and lifted her onto the swing. 
After two hours at the park, it was time to go. I groaned at the time and alerted the children it was time to go. "say goodbye girls, its time to go!" i lined the girls up and counted them. 12. Okay. We have to go. I hugged Liam Niall Louis and Zayn. Harry firmly gripped me. I felt tingle down my spine again. I have to admit. I have a little bit of feeling for Harry. "see you sunday." Harry whispered in my ear before leaving. 

"Mum! Im home!" i yelled across the house. "hi! How was it!? Were they what you excpected!?" mum was smiling and hat two teas ready for us. "yeah! Even more!" i sat down at the table with her and felt the table vibrate. I got a message from my phone. Harry. It said: "hey i had fun today, wanna do it again tomorow..? x" i smiled at the text. I replied "yeah sure. U gotta teach me some skills on how to skate! ;)x" "whos that?" mum asked sticky beaking. "no one." i said hiding my phone. "mmmm okay. Im going to go to the shops. Ill be back in an hour." mum said standing up grabbing the keys and leaving. 

Another message from Harry. It said: "yeah. I do have to teach ya some skills dont i!? Pick you up at 12?" i smiled really hard and eaped. "you dont even know where i live! Haha just meet me at the park instead.:)" i replied still smiling. 
After an hour of texting, my mum came home, hands full of shopping bags. I jumped up to help her carry the bags. "thanx darling." mum said kissing my forehead. "its okay. Im gonna go shower." 
I immediately left the room to freshen up. 
After my shower i decided to go to bed. I looked out my window and i couldn't believe my luck. Fireworks were on! Its was so pretty. I kinda wished Harry was here with me right now. That would be cool. 
I hop out of bed and turn my light off, quickly jump back in to bed and not long after fell asleep. 

I woke up by the blinding light of the sun. Thank god its a weekend. I can sleep in all i like. I flip over and look at the clock. Its only 11 o'clock. I still have an hour. Ill wake up at 11:30. 
49 minutes later, i woke up. I was gonna be late for my date! Date? Was it a date? Oh well. Im gonna be late for my it! I put on some skinny leg jeans and a black singlet on with a lace top over the top. I rushed to the bathroom brush my hair. I couldn't find a brush so i left it. I then put some mascara on. Only a little though! 
I rushed through the door saying bye to my mum and jumping in the car. 
"sorry im late. Taffic is shit this morning." i said walking up to harry. "nah. Its fine. How are you?" nervouse. "im good! You?" i asked swishing my hair to the side. "im good." 
We hopped in my car and drove to the ice arena. 
There were so many cars out front. Harry grabbed my wrist and led me out to the front desk. I noticed a little girl wearing a One Direction shirt. She froze when she saw Harry. She almost yelled to! Harry leaned in to the lady at the front desk and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and handed us a key. He thanked her and we left the front desk, still holding my wrist. Was there something wrong with my hand? "here." Harry pulled open a door and it led to another arena. Completely empty thought. 
"wow Harry!" i said gasping. It had a disco ball on the roof and candles along the out side. They weren't lit though. I didn't care. We put our skates on and steadily got on the ice. Harry was first on, holding his hands out for me to grab them. "come here. Ill teach you like a pro." Harry had a big smile on his face. "alright!" i said getting on the ice. It was cold. I didnt really enjoy it though, but i was with Harry so it was okay. I was holding his hands when i felt a tingle run down my spine again, some may say it was sparks flying. I smiled and our eyes locked again, "you have beautiful eyes." Harry said under his breath. "you to." i smiled and looked around. "so this is what ya do in your spare time? Skating slowly in circles& with a girl eh?" i said teasing him. "nah. Im usually with the boys. Hanging out at my holiday place." Harry laughed and i joined in to. 
We got of the ice and returned our skates. Harry offered to drive this time. So i let him. We drove to this deserted play ground. No one was there so it was really romantic! "here we are!" Harry got out the car and opened the door for me. "thankyou!" i said jumping out to. "race ya to the swings?" i laughed already running. I let my honey brown hair flow in the wind i turned my head to see Harry, i tripped over a twig and landed on my bum. "are you okay!?" Harry obviously tried his best to hide him laughing, it didn't work though. He held his hand out once again, i grabbed it, feeling tingles run down my arm and spine. 
I got up and stared at Harry, we stood there for about a minute just glancing in each others eyes. He leaned in slowly, looking deep into my eyes. He's soft lips touched mine, my whole body tingled with happiness. Harry pulled his lips away from mine, smiling with his eyes and mouth. "your a great kisser." Harry snickered. "want another one?" i said stepping back. "yeah." Harry came closer, our foreheads touching. "catch me if you can." i whispered running to the swing. "tricky!" he yelled from where i left him. 
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